D.A. Says Tory Lanez Deserves Longer Sentence For Megan Thee Stallion Shooting: ‘Indifference for Human Life’

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Los Angeles prosecutors are asking a judge to enforce a harsh condemnation against rapper Tory Lanez aft he was convicted past twelvemonth of shooting Megan Thee Stallion, arguing he behaved pinch “indifference for quality life” astatine a infinitesimal erstwhile Megan was “particularly vulnerable.”

Following his December condemnation connected 3 felony counts, Lanez (real sanction Daystar Peterson) faces a maximum of 22 years erstwhile he’s sentenced adjacent month. But California rule only allows courts to enforce specified “higher term” sentences erstwhile prosecutors person proven location are “aggravating circumstances.”

In a caller filing connected Tuesday (May 23) obtained by Billboard, attorneys for nan Los Angeles District Attorney’s agency said Lanez’s behaviour intelligibly met those circumstances. Among different things, they said Lanez had fired nan weapon not conscionable astatine Megan 1 time, but 5 times “in nan mediate of a residential neighborhood.”

“The brazenness of defendant’s behaviour is alarming but nan conscious disregard for nan well-being and information of each those astir him signifies a precocious grade of indifference for quality life,” prosecutors wrote.

The filing besides said Megan had been “particularly vulnerable” astatine nan infinitesimal of nan crime, different facet that tin service arsenic aggravating circumstances. She had been “unarmed and wholly defenseless,” they wrote, while “dressed successful only a bikini, shoeless and connected ft successful a vicinity wholly overseas to her.”

“As she walked distant from defendant, unaware he was equipped pinch a firearm, suspect fired aggregate rounds astatine unfortunate striking her bare feet,” nan filing said. “She was afforded nary opportunity and was successful nary position to take sides herself, find cover, aliases shield herself successful immoderate way. Besides an statement successful nan car, location was nary justifiable provocation aliases arena that would person signaled to her that suspect would person fired a weapon astatine her, not conscionable erstwhile but 5 times.”

Attorneys for Lanez did not instantly return a petition for remark connected nan caller filing.

Lanez was convicted connected Dec. 23 connected 3 felony charges complete nan mid-2020 incident, during which nan rapper allegedly changeable Megan (real sanction Megan Pete) successful nan ft during an statement aft a excavation statement successful nan Hollywood Hills.

The shooting happened successful nan early-morning hours of July 12, 2020, erstwhile a driver was shuttling Lanez, Megan and her adjunct and friend Kelsey Harris from a statement astatine Kylie Jenner’s house. According to prosecutors, Megan sewage retired of nan conveyance during an statement and began stepping distant erstwhile Lanez shouted “Dance, bitch!” and proceeded to sprout astatine her feet.

Following nan incident, Megan initially told constabulary officers that she had trim her ft stepping connected surgery glass, but days later alleged that she had been shot. Lanez was yet charged pinch nan shooting successful October 2022.

During nan blockbuster trial, Lanez’s lawyers made their champion effort to sow uncertainty complete who had pulled nan trigger, coating a script successful which Harris could person been nan shooter. But a cardinal defense witnesser offered confusing eyewitness testimony, and prosecutors pointed to an earlier question and reply successful which Harris pinned nan blasted squarely connected Lanez. Megan herself offered powerful grounds that Lanez had been nan 1 to sprout her; neither Lanez nor nan driver took nan witnesser stand.

Following nan blameworthy verdict, Lanez’s attorneys filed a mobility seeking a caller trial. They called nan lawsuit a “miscarriage of justice,” arguing that Judge David Herriford made galore errors that had put their customer astatine an unfair advantage.

But that mobility was denied past month, clearing nan measurement for sentencing. A proceeding is presently group for June 13, but specified scheduled events person often been pushed backmost successful Lanez’s case.

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