Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ Returns to No. 1 on Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart

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Daft Punk revisits nan No. 1 spot connected Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums floor plan (dated May 27) pinch Random Access Memories. The set, primitively released successful 2013, surges from No. 9 pinch 40,000 balanced medium units successful nan United States, up 1,046%, successful nan week ending May 18, according to Luminate, aft its 10th day edition, which contains 9 other tracks, arrived May 12.

It’s nan LP’s 22nd week astatine No. 1 and first since nan floor plan dated March 15, 2014. Dating to nan survey’s 2001 inauguration, only six titles person spent much clip connected apical (led by Lady Gaga’s 2008 merchandise The Fame, pinch 175 weeks astatine No. 1).

Meanwhile, nan French duo, which disbanded successful 2021, adds a 38th week astatine nan summit, crossed six leaders, nan fourth-most weeks totaled connected top. (Lady Gaga, again, leads, pinch 244.)

Concurrently, Random Access Memories restarts connected nan all-genre Billboard 200 astatine No. 8, marking its 10th week successful nan apical 10. It led successful its first 2 weeks connected nan floor plan successful June 2013, becoming nan pair’s sole No. 1.

Daft Punk besides hits nan multimetric Hot Dance/Electronic Songs floor plan pinch recently released Random Access Memories way “Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo),” astatine No. 11. The act’s 19th entry originates pinch 2 cardinal charismatic streams.

Plus, nan act’s 2013 crossover smash (and cardinal driver of nan album’s longevity), “Get Lucky,” featuring Pharrell Williams, sports an 18% jump to 2.6 cardinal streams. The azygous ruled Hot Dance/Electronic Songs for 13 weeks (marking nan act’s lone leader) and reached No. 2 connected nan Billboard Hot 100 successful 2013.

Alison Goldfrapp’s ‘Love of Dance Music’ Sparks Solo Debut

Alison Goldfrapp bows connected Top Dance/Electronic Albums pinch her debut solo effort, The Love Invention (No. 12; 3,000 units).

“On The Love Invention, I was connected a ngo to make an medium wherever nan songs would beryllium rhythm- and beat-based, fueled by feelings of euphoria and joy,” nan English musician tells Billboard. “Influences came from a emotion of creation music, synth-pop, location and Italo-disco. I person been blown distant by everyone’s reactions to nan album.”

The influential duo base her past sanction – Goldfrapp comprises Alison Goldfrapp and collaborator Will Gregory – has logged 4 apical 10s: Black Cherry (No. 4, 2003); Supernature (No. 5, 2006); We Are Glitter (No. 8, 2006); and Head First (No. 3, 2010).

Minogue’s Day Leads to Debut

Kylie Minogue’s “Padam Padam” enters nan Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales floor plan aft only 1 time of availability, pursuing its May 18 release, astatine No. 5 (700 sold). The genre cornerstone adds her 3rd apical 10 (since nan floor plan began successful 2010), aft her screen of Lady Gaga’s “Marry nan Night” (No. 3, 2021) and “Say Something” (No. 3, 2020).

The caller opus introduces Minogue’s medium Tension, owed Sept. 22.

Airplay Hits To Not ‘Sleep’ On

Shifting to nan Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart, Regard rockets to his seventh apical 10 and Ella Henderson earns her 5th pinch “No Sleep” (11-6). The way is collecting core-dance airplay connected Music Choice’s Dance/EDM channel, WCPY (Dance Factory FM) Chicago and KMVQ-HD2 San Francisco, among different outlets.

Plus, Rita Ora rolls to her 5th apical 10 and featured enactment Fatboy Slim scores his 2nd pinch “Praising You” (22-10). The track, a reimagination of nan latter’s 1999 classical “Praise You,” besides advances connected Pop Airplay (32-29). (The Dance/Mix Show Airplay floor plan measures power airplay connected a prime group of full-time creation stations, on pinch plays during operation shows connected astir 60 apical 40-formatted reporters.)

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