Damar Hamlin Works Out At Bills Practice, Looks Sharp!

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Damar Hamlin Puts In Work At Bills Practice ... Looks Sharp!!!

5/23/2023 1:03 PM PT

Damar Hamlin is continuing to make steps successful his roadworthy to returning to NFL action -- connected Tuesday, nan protect backmost sewage successful immoderate activity astatine Bills believe ... and he looked GOOD!!!

Just complete 4 months aft he went into cardiac arrest connected nan section during a "Monday Night Football" crippled ... Hamlin was retired astatine Buffalo's organized squad activities -- and while he didn't afloat participate successful nan practice, he still showed disconnected immoderate athleticism astatine nan workout nonetheless.

Damar Hamlin was coming astatine #Bills OTAs wearing a jersey, without pads. He did participate successful stretches, agility and conditioning work, on pinch individual drills. @Batavia_Daily pic.twitter.com/3DqNkoErFU

— alex brasky (@alexbrasky) May 23, 2023 @alexbrasky

According to reporters connected nan scene, Hamlin did immoderate calisthenics pinch his teammates, sewage successful immoderate agility activity ... and moreover deed immoderate drills pinch his chap DBs.

Video from nan sidelines shows nan feline doesn't look to person mislaid a measurement astatine each since his Jan. 2 aesculapian section ... he caught nan shot pinch easiness and flashed immoderate big-time burst.

Damar Hamlin didn’t do a batch astatine Bills OTA but he did A LOT astatine nan aforesaid time: pic.twitter.com/J1eBh8Piem

— Josh Reed (@4JoshReed) May 23, 2023 @4JoshReed

Following nan practice, Bills caput coach Sean McDermott insisted Hamlin didn't do a full batch connected nan section ... telling reporters they're taking things very slow pinch nan 25-year-old.

"We're taking it 1 time astatine a clip and conscionable support Damar successful each measurement possible," McDermott said.

Buffalo Bills

For now, there's nary nationalist timetable for an charismatic return to practices -- aliases games, for that matter -- for nan Bills information ... though docs person cleared him to play, and it seems for illustration only a matter of clip earlier he's sewage a helmet and enarthrosis pads strapped on.

That's a show we're judge everyone -- not conscionable Bills fans -- will beryllium very happy to spot erstwhile again.

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