Davante Adams compared 1 NFC receiver to himself in Top 5 ranking

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Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

Las Vegas Raiders prima Davante Adams compared himself to different high-profile wide receiver. 

Davante Adams’ early has been a hot-button taxable this summertime connected nan heels of his ascendant debut play pinch nan Las Vegas Raiders.

The six-time Pro Bowl receiver joined his erstwhile assemblage teammate Derek Carr and nan 2 made beautiful euphony together. He compiled 1,516 yards done nan aerial and snatched a league-best 14 touchdowns.

Unfortunately, nan Raiders arsenic a squad did not acquisition nan aforesaid occurrence arsenic Adams did individually. A 6-11 record, followed by Carr’s departure, has been capable to stir nan rumor mill into a frenzy. Vegas does not look fresh to contend.

Adams, successful his shot premier astatine 30 years old, is understandably concerned astir nan guidance of nan franchise.

For now, however, Adams is simply a Raider. Unequivocally elite, Adams has nan estimation of a top-5 subordinate astatine his position. When asked astir nan champion receivers successful nan NFL connected a caller podcast appearance, however, Adams made a astonishing comparison betwixt himself and different Pro Bowler.

Raiders’ Davante Adams compares himself to Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb


For CeeDee Lamb, to beryllium compared stylistically to Davante Adams is highly precocious praise. The Oklahoma merchandise already has 2 Pro Bowl appearances successful 3 NFL seasons pinch nan Dallas Cowboys. While Lamb’s numbers don’t rather stack up to Adams successful nan present, his 1,359 yards past play were much than Adams tallied successful his 3rd play (997).

Lamb and Adams are likewise built — Lamb is 1 inch taller, Adams successful 25 pounds heavier. Both are known for acrobatic catches and soft hands. Lamb does not person nan privilege of starting his profession adjacent to Aaron Rodgers, but he has recovered plentifulness of occurrence building chemistry pinch Dak Prescott.

Now nan undisputed alpha canine successful Dallas’ wide receiver corps, expect Lamb to person different explosive play successful 2023. He will stock touches pinch Michael Gallup and Brandin Cooks, but Lamb will beryllium Prescott’s first option. His big-play expertise and penchant for endzone playmaking is unmatched connected nan Cowboys’ existent roster.

Meanwhile, Adams should proceed to put up numbers pinch Vegas (or immoderate squad that trades for him). The Raiders are handing nan QB reigns to Jimmy Garoppollo. While not nan astir powerful limb successful nan sport, Jimmy G tin still find his receivers and play businesslike toss-and-catch. Expect Adams to make different beardown Pro Bowl push, moreover if nan Raiders don’t triumph galore games.

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