Death of an Author review: Murder mystery generated by AI isn't awful

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Stephen Marche worked pinch ChatGPT and different AI devices to trade this thriller. The prose is plodding and nan last twist leans heavy connected a Sherlock Holmes communicative – but this is an absorbing experiment

By Boyd Tonkin

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Death of an Author is simply a execution enigma pinch 95 per cent of its contented generated by machine

Death of an Author

Pushkin (ebook and audiobook only)

How do we put nan “art” into artificial intelligence? Does nan generative powerfulness of nan mighty devices now astatine our disposal frighten quality creativity? The breakneck improvement of AI ample connection models, pinch GPT-4 successful nan vanguard, has stirred nan passionate curiosity of humanists arsenic overmuch arsenic scientists.

Canadian writer and journalist Stephen Marche, moving pinch audio accumulation institution Pushkin Industries, intends to move …

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