Demi Lovato Updates ‘Cool For the Summer’ With New Rock Version: Listen

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The original opus was released successful 2015.

Demi Lovato conscionable gave an update to 1 of her chart-topping classics. On Thursday (May 25), nan “29” vocalist released nan rock type of their deed “Cool for nan Summer.”

The new, rollicking type of nan way swaps nan original’s poppy synths and uptempo instrumentation for a darker sound backed by electrical guitars and grittier lyric transportation from Lovato. “Take maine down into your paradise/ Don’t beryllium scared, ’cause I’m your assemblage type/ Just thing that we wanna try/ ‘Cause you and I, we’re cool for nan summer,” she sings connected nan caller type of nan hit.

“Cool For nan Summer” was primitively released successful 2015 arsenic nan first azygous from nan artist’s 5th workplace album, Confident. The way served arsenic 1 of nan biggest hits of Lovato’s profession successful nan 2010s, peaking astatine No. 10 connected nan all-genre Billboard Hot 100; it spendt a full of 20 weeks connected nan chart. The song’s suggestive and sexually explorative themes person besides made it a Pride Month staple.

The stone type of “Cool For nan Summer” arrives 2 months aft Lovato released nan rock type of her 2013 deed “Heart Attack” to observe its 10th anniversary. At nan time, nan vocalist explained they wanted a caller type of nan opus that was much typical of nan stone euphony presented connected their newest album, Holy Fvck. “I’m truthful happy to beryllium capable to springiness a caller life to ‘Heart Attack’ pinch a sound that reflects wherever I americium pinch my music,” Lovato said in a property release astatine nan time.

Listen to nan stone type of “Cool For nan Summer” successful nan video above.

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