Democrats Pull Election Night Stunner And Win Jacksonville Mayor Election

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Jacksonville, Florida was nan biggest metropolis successful nan US pinch a Republican politician until Tuesday nighttime erstwhile  Donna Deegan became nan 2nd Democrat successful 30 years to beryllium elected mayor.

Jacksonville is nan 12th largest metropolis successful nan United States, and until coming had only had 1 Democratic politician successful nan past 3 decades.

The Tributary reported:

Former TV anchor Donna Deegan hit JAX Chamber CEO Daniel Davis successful a stunning upset for Jacksonville mayor, becoming nan first female ever and only nan 2nd Democrat to triumph a mayor’s title present successful 3 decades contempt Davis outraising her four-to-one.


Davis, a erstwhile City Council personnel and authorities representative, had been preparing for this mayoral title for nan past 8 years, erstwhile chap Republican Lenny Curry was elected mayor. He mostly relied connected his fundraising prowess to scope voters done mailers, matter messages and advertisements. He raised a record-breaking $8.4 cardinal by nan extremity of April compared to Deegan’s $2.1 million.

Davis was endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, but his endorsement did not thief Republicans debar a historical defeat.

The 2023 predetermination results that are trickling successful look to beryllium holding nan similiar shape of nan past respective predetermination cycles. Democrats person nan power and momentum, and nan much that Donald Trump reemerges to beryllium nan look of nan Republican Party, nan much races Republicans lose.

If Republicans had won a mayor’s title in  Phoenix, New York, Chicago, aliases Houston, nan nationalist media would beryllium each complete nan communicative arsenic Republican momentum and problem up for President Biden successful 2024, but Democrats are winning elections crossed nan state that they haven’t won successful decades, and location is nothing, but soundlessness from nan firm media.

Whether it is Donald Trump aliases Ron DeSantis location is nary grounds of a celebrated resurgance among Republicans.

It is conscionable 1 disconnected off twelvemonth election, but if anything, Democrats still look for illustration nan stronger and amended organized party.

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