Did Derek Carr just take a shot at the Raiders?

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Derek Carr #4 of nan Las Vegas Raiders. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Derek Carr #4 of nan Las Vegas Raiders. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Saints backmost Derek Carr wants nan Raiders to cognize he’s thriving connected his caller team. Nothing but winning vibes here.

Derek Carr joined nan New Orleans Saints earlier this offseason and hasn’t looked backmost since. Well, he’s looked backmost a fewer times to flip nan vertebrate to his aged team, nan Las Vegas Raiders, aft they unceremoniously shoved him retired nan door.

Following 9 seasons successful Las Vegas, Carr agreed to a four-year, $150 cardinal woody pinch nan Saints backmost successful March. The woody appeared to use some sides: NOLA acquired a proven Pro-Bowl-caliber backmost to get nan franchise backmost to winning ways, and Carr sewage a much-needed alteration successful scenery.

Carr precocious said astir life successful nan Saints facility, saying that switching teams has “rejuvenated” him and fixed him a “breath of caller air,” caller compared to nan old oxygen that hardly kept him live successful Vegas.

Derek Carr:”Being successful this building has rejuvenated me. It’s been a activity of caller air.” #Saints

— Rod Walker (@RodWalkerNola) May 23, 2023

In his past play pinch nan Raiders, Carr threw for 3,522 yards and 24 touchdowns against 14 interceptions successful 15 games, stumbling to a 6-9 grounds earlier backup Jarrett Stidham took complete for nan last 2 games.

Derek Carr is slow getting complete his trauma from nan Raiders

Drafted by nan Raiders successful 2014, Carr spent astir a decade helping Las Vegas climb to nan apical of nan AFC West but only managed to decorativeness pinch 2 winning seasons, 1 successful 2016 and 1 successful 2021.

Quarterback wins are much aliases little an unimportant stat (tell that to nan Chargers societal media team), and contempt staying patient passim his full stint pinch nan Raiders, Carr seemed to person a clear-cut ceiling successful Vegas.

While nan Raiders are going done their Patriot-ization this offseason, nan Saints person been picking up a fewer notable ex-Raider players including Carr and tight extremity Foster Moreau.

The extremity of nan Drew Brees era saw nan Saints frantically effort to patchwork their backmost room pinch nan likes of Jameis Winston and Andy Dalton; aft Howie Roseman nan Philly wizard snuck disconnected pinch their draught picks past offseason, New Orleans’ champion stake was to find a reliable seasoned to support nan franchise competitory successful nan short-term. Derek Carr is that guy, and some sides couldn’t beryllium happier.

Feelings whitethorn alteration depending connected really nan 2023 play shakes out, but it appears arsenic though Derek Carr has travel retired of this offseason reborn arsenic a caller quarterback. Out west, the Raiders person already moved connected and fixed Carr’s aged number to personification other connected nan squad — chances, are, Carr couldn’t attraction less.

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