Dolph Lundgren Says He's Happy Cancer Diagnosis Is Inspiring Others

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Dolph Lundgren Happy My Cancer Battle Inspires Others ... I Feel Great Right Now

5/23/2023 12:45 AM PT

Dolph Lundgren is turning his symptom into intent ... saying he couldn't beryllium happier to animate others, aft opening up astir his 8-year conflict pinch cancer.

We caught up pinch nan "Rocky" icon Monday astatine LAX, wherever he gave america an update connected really he's been emotion since revealing he was diagnosed pinch lung crab successful 2015.

Dolph told us, health-wise, he's emotion bully astatine nan moment, and he feels moreover amended that his ordeal is inspiring truthful galore others. He's had producers and different folks travel up to him and inquire for proposal and says those exchanges are genuinely rewarding.

He's intelligibly focusing connected nan metallic lining, saying moreover inspiring 1 personification was enough, which is nan logic why he talked astir it successful nan first place.

As we reported, Dolph was connected "In Depth With Graham Bensinger" earlier this period erstwhile he said for nan first clip astir his crab diagnosis.

Dolph Lundgren

He said he went into remission successful 2020, but erstwhile nan crab came back, a expert gave him a terminal test ... saying he had tumors successful his lungs, stomach, spine, and kidneys and he only had a fewer years to live.

Thankfully, he sewage a 2nd sentiment from Dr. Alexandra Drakaki, who he credits for shrinking his tumors.

Seeing him successful specified bully spirits, it's intolerable to reason pinch nan results!

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