Don't Watch This New PS5 Game Trailer Unless You're Ready To Get Sad

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The main characteristic of Neva is seen pinch her animal companions successful a flowery field.

Screenshot: Nomada Studio / Kotaku

When we watch a video crippled position for illustration nan PlayStation Showcase, we often expect action, distilled firm hype, and plentifulness of announcements to adhd to nan yearly crippled merchandise calendar. However, during nan position today, May 24, we sewage to acquisition thing other entirely: unexpected heartbreak.

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey II Volume 4

Neva is nan latest task from Nomada Studio, and it’s coming to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and Switch adjacent year. But earlier it comes retired to tear our hearts retired wrong our homes, we saw nan first look astatine nan crippled during nan Showcase, which, for immoderate reason, had to show america an animal decease without warning.

There was a batch of cool worldly successful nan debut trailer, from stunning 2D animation, immoderate sick action, and a batch of really cool characteristic creation successful its main characteristic and her animal companions. But each I tin deliberation astir is really it ends pinch 1 of our hero’s animal friends dying successful a conflict pinch immoderate vicious protector beasties. Luckily, if you’re reference this you astir apt didn’t watch it live. So you sewage to publication each this matter supra informing you astir what’s coming. Now that you’re emotionally prepared, you tin proceed.

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