DraftKings Tennis Promo Offering $150 for Any $5 Bet on the French Open!

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With nan French Open getting underway, DraftKings Sportsbook has a spectacular promo to observe nan monolithic tournament: Bet $5, Win $150 INSTANTLY connected ANY French Open bet! Just for placing a wager, DraftKings is giving you a $150 gift!

What’s more, it doesn’t moreover matter if your stake wins. Here’s really to get started:

DraftKings French Open Promo Code

If you sign up for DraftKings and stake $5 aliases much connected immoderate French Open bet, you’ll person $150 successful prize bets instantly! That’s +3000 odds!

All you person to do is travel these steps to get your $150:

  1. Sign up for DraftKings pinch this nexus (no promo codification required)
  2. Deposit astatine slightest $10
  3. Bet $5 aliases much connected nan French Open

That’s it! Once you spot your bet, you’ll beryllium credited pinch $150 successful prize bets to usage freely.

While you don’t request to triumph your wager, you DO request to deposit astatine slightest $10 to activate nan bonus. Your first wager tin beryllium constricted to conscionable $5 aliases more, but beryllium judge to make an capable deposit.

Only caller DraftKings users tin declare this typical connection and it’s only disposable for a constricted time. Get progressive pinch nan thrilling French Open action while you still tin – sign up for DraftKings now!

How to Bet connected nan French Open

It’s ace easy to stake connected nan French Open erstwhile you’ve signed up for DraftKings arsenic described above. With their easy-to-use app and web interface, you conscionable person to navigate to nan “Tennis” conception and you’ll find a ton of options.

The astir communal ways to stake connected tennis would beryllium to spot moneyline bets aliases futures bets. This lets you wager.on who will triumph a peculiar lucifer (moneyline) aliases connected personification to triumph nan full tourney (with a futures bet).

There are tons of different options to stake if you’re emotion adventurous though. You tin stake connected crippled aliases group spreads (which useful conscionable for illustration constituent dispersed betting successful different sports) aliases an assortment of prop bets for immoderate match.

Why Choose DraftKings for Tennis Betting?

  1. Wide Range of Betting Options: DraftKings offers a broad array of stake types, including money line, over/under, prop bets, and futures. This diverseness allows users to tailor their betting strategy to their tennis knowledge and consequence tolerance.
  2. Innovative Promos and Odds Boosts: Even aft you motion up and get your $150 guaranteed, you’ll spot that DraftKings is perpetually offering awesome promotions and likelihood boosts for existing users too. They won’t hide astir you moreover aft you’ve signed up.
  3. User-Friendly Platform: Whether via nan app aliases website, DraftKings delivers a smooth, intuitive personification experience. It’s elemental to spot bets, cheque odds, deposit funds, and retreat winnings.
  4. Live Betting Options: DraftKings offers live, in-play betting for nan French Open. This characteristic allows bettors to make wagers based connected real-time lucifer developments, adding an other furniture of excitement.
  5. Reliable Information and Statistics: DraftKings provides valuable accusation connected players, matches, and tournaments. This readily disposable information helps bettors make informed decisions, expanding their chances of success.

If you’re willing successful accumulating moreover much prize rate and checking retired immoderate different sportsbooks, present are a mates of different terrific promos disposable for nan tourney arsenic well:

Game likelihood refresh periodically and are taxable to change. 

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