Dry Hands Are A Sign Of Aging — What To Do About It

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Alexandra Engler
Alexandra Engler

mbg Beauty Director

By Alexandra Engler

mbg Beauty Director

Alexandra Engler is nan beauty head astatine mindbodygreen and big of nan beauty podcast Clean Beauty School. Previously, she's held beauty roles astatine Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, SELF, and Cosmopolitan; her byline has appeared successful Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and Allure.com.

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May 25, 2023

You’re not imagining it: Hands go drier pinch age. Well, I should make nan caveat that tegument successful wide loses moisture arsenic nan years spell on. This is owed to changes successful nan tegument building including nonaccomplishment of lipids, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, structural proteins—as good arsenic changes successful our microbiome. With these losses, our tegument isn’t arsenic equipped to support h2o successful nan dermis, resulting successful transepidermal h2o loss. 

As I noted this happens each complete nan body, but delicate areas thin to acquisition it first and to much extremes. The tegument astir nan eyes, for example, is very bladed naturally. So arsenic tegument ages, nan area is 1 of nan first to acquisition good lines, crepiness, sensitivity, and dehydration. The aforesaid goes for nan cervix and chest: The thinner tegument intends that they’re nan first to show signs of aging. 


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The hands are an absorbing case. While they person much durable skin, they’re exposed to a lot. Think astir it: The hands are regularly exposed to UV radiation, pollution, drying chemicals (like erstwhile cleaning), often washing, and wide deterioration and tear. To make matters worse, we seldom dainty them pinch nan aforesaid diligence and high-quality ingredients arsenic we do pinch nan facial area. 

Here, we get into what you tin do astir it. 

Why nan hands are immoderate of nan first to show signs of aging. 

As we get older, nan things that constitution our tegument obstruction commencement to decline, specified arsenic collagen, elastin, ceramides, fatty acids, humectants, squalane, and vitamins. In addition, our skin microbiome starts to alteration arsenic we get older—becoming little diverse. 

These changes mean a fewer things: For example, collagen diminution leads to crepey tegument and good lines. Loss of elastin intends nan tegument isn’t arsenic supple. Fewer ceramides, fatty acids, and squalane lead to accrued dryness and irritation. Humectant nonaccomplishment intends nan tegument isn’t arsenic capable to clasp water. And little accumulation of vitamins and antioxidants intends nan tegument is much susceptible to free radicals, damage, and aging. 

While these changes are inevitable, they’re besides made worse by biology factors. 

The sun, for example, accounts for up to 80% of visible signs of aging1. Pollution is known to trigger acheronian spot production, break down collagen, and make our tegument much sensitive. Exposure to drying topicals and chemicals (like cleaning solutions aliases harsh soaps) tin portion its protective oils, break down lipids and fatty acids, and trigger h2o loss. 

And conjecture what? Your hands are susceptible to each of these. 

What you tin do astir it: A high-quality manus cream. 

You whitethorn not person thought doubly astir a manus pick successful your younger years, but pinch time, nan merchandise becomes beautiful appealing, no? I support 1 successful my bag, astatine my table successful nan office, and connected my nightstand truthful I’m ne'er without 1 wrong reach. 

For those who are specifically looking to target things for illustration acheronian spots, crepiness, aliases good lines, you should look for formulas infused pinch patient aging ingredients. 

Look for nutrient-rich botanicals and ingredients that mimic nan skin’s structure, antioxidants to conflict damage, humectants to clasp successful water, emollients to soothe nan skin, and biotic ingredients to equilibrium nan microbiome. 

In mindbodygreen’s postbiotic manus cream, there’s a blend of shea butter, integrated aloe, moringa seed oil, oat oil, a consequence extract complex, coenzyme coQ10, squalene, and pre- and postbiotics. 

The hydrating guidelines of shea butter, aloe, moringa seed oil, oat oil, and squalane provender nan tegument a big of humectants and lipids your tegument loses pinch time. For example, shea food has been shown to seal moisture into nan tegument and protect nan tegument barrier2. One study moreover suggests it has akin topical effects arsenic ceramides3. Oat lipid besides has been known to boost ceramide levels successful nan skin. Moringa seed oil is rich | successful fatty acids that are basal for nan spot of nan skin. 

Squalene is simply a lipid that’s really people produced by nan tegument successful your sebum (the 1 featured successful mindbodygreen’s manus pick is made from oliva oil). When applied topically it tin thief replenish your earthy proviso and protect your barrier. 

Aloe is simply a humectant that pulls successful h2o into nan epidermis, helping support it looking supple and plump. Along pinch its humectant properties, it is location to more than 754 different progressive compounds, including vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes, and amino acids. 

That’s not all—the manus pick is besides rich | successful antioxidants. Coenzyme Q10, a potent antioxidant people recovered successful nan body, and a watermelon, lentil, and pome analyzable some present a wide scope of nutrients and benefits. These thief support your collagen furniture and connection free extremist protection. They besides supply galore artistic benefits, specified arsenic brightening reside and smoothing retired good lines.

Finally, nan look is topped pinch pre and postbiotics. Our typical strain of postbiotics provides tegument pinch very circumstantial fatty acids and peptides that person been shown to soothe inflammation, thief protect tegument against biology stressors, modulate microcirculation, and heighten epidermal model reconstruction. 

For added support, we besides included prebiotics to make judge that nan surviving plants already coming connected nan tegument are being taken attraction of, too. There are respective kinds of prebiotics to use, and we selected 1 made from microgreen algae that has been shown to person a soothing effect connected nan tegument by preventing inflammation triggered by an unbalanced microbiome.


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The takeaway

The unfortunate truth is that hands go drier pinch age—but location are proactive steps you tin return to thief support them hydrated, supple, and looking their best. One specified measurement is to person a healthy aging manus cream, for illustration mindbodygreen’s postbiotic manus cream.

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