Dua Lipa Loves Giving ‘Main Pop Girl Energy’: ‘It’s So Fun for the Fans’

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The popular prima says embodying different characters successful her euphony helps her transmission each nan different aspects of her persona.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa successful nan GCDS's backstage aft nan show successful Milan during nan Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2023/2024 connected Feb. 23, 2023 successful Milan, Italy. Alessandro Levati/Getty Images

Dua Lipa‘s emotion for popular euphony knows nary bounds. In nan “Levitating” singer’s Wednesday (May 24) screen communicative for Dazed, she reiterated her emotion for nan genre and shared that it is nan cleanable mean for her to research nan galore facets of her personality.

The three-time Grammy victor was asked astir Charli XCX’s comments connected her At Your Service podcast, successful which nan Crash creator stated, “We unrecorded successful this world wherever location is desperation and fearfulness for authenticity. Sometimes I’m like, ‘Sell maine nan dream.’ I want my popular stars to waste maine nan f—ing dream.”

Lipa seems to work together to an extent. “I emotion nan main pop-girl energy,” she says. “It’s truthful nosy for nan fans and nan character. I tin beryllium that girl; I tin do that for nan videos, for nan reddish carpet, for nan performances. For me, there’s a clip and a spot to do that. There are truthful galore sides to maine that I besides emotion to embody.”

The popular star’s dedication to nan genre has surely paid disconnected — nan singer’s astir precocious released album, 2020’s Future Nostalgia, peaked astatine No. 3 connected nan Billboard 200. It charted six singles connected nan Billboard Hot 100 — “Don’t Start Now” and “Levitating,” which some peaked astatine No. 2, arsenic good arsenic “Break My Heart” (No. 13), “We’re Good” (No. 31), “Love Again” (No. 41) and “Physical” (No. 60).

Up adjacent for nan prima is nan merchandise of her forthcoming single “Dance nan Night” from the Barbie soundtrack. Lipa will besides prima arsenic Mermaid Barbie successful nan movie, which hits theaters July 21.

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