Dua Lipa & Versace’s Highly Anticipated Collection Just Dropped: Here’s What to Shop Now

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After weeks of waiting, you tin yet shop Dua Lipa and Versace’s caller collaboration: La Vacanza. The caller postulation debuted successful Cannes, France, connected Tuesday (May 23).



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See latest videos, charts and news

Meanwhile, nan popular prima has been keeping herself engaged successful nan fashion realm, having helped big nan Met Gala and now releasing a women’s deterioration manner statement pinch nan luxury designer brand.

Despite announcing nan collection earlier this month, Versace was been quiet astir what fans tin expect from nan collection. In fact, we only sewage a peek astatine 1 of nan items initially offered earlier nan drop: nan Butterfly Medusa Ring ($595). Now that nan hold is officially over, you tin shop nan Dua Lipa x Versace postulation online and successful Versace stores.

We perused nan tract to put together a database of immoderate of our favorites pieces to snag earlier nan postulation sells out.

Check beneath to shop immoderate of nan celebrated pieces from nan Dua Lipa X Versace La Vacanza collab — and, if that isn’t enough, nan prima besides teased an upcoming azygous for nan caller Barbie movie dropping May 26.

For much product recommendations, cheque retired our roundups of nan best bucket hats, Lululemon Everywhere Bag lookalikes and nan best flower crowns.

Shop Dua Lipa X Versace


Dua Lipa X Versace: Butterfly Medusa Ring


Upgrade your accessory postulation pinch this chic golden ringing featuring a butterfly, ladybugs and a halfway emblem inspired by Medusa. The ringing will surely make a connection pinch each outfit you brace it with.


Dua Lipa X Versace: Medusa Metallic Leather Mini Dress


Add immoderate Barbiecore to your summertime lineup pinch this metallic leather minidress boasting each nan shimmer and radiance you could want. Featuring a crinkled worldly and belted waist for a much cinched look, you can’t thief but want to get dolled up erstwhile you gaffe this number on.


Dua Lipa X Versace: Butterflies Knee-High Boots


Add immoderate state flair to your outfit pinch these chic knee-high cowboy boots. The creation features delicate butterflies patterned astir nan apical and a stiletto bottommost while nan metallic metallic toed adds a spot of edginess to your look.


Dua Lipa X Versace: Floral Summer Leggings


We’re surviving for these retro leggings that will adhd a bully psychedelic popular to your summertime attire. You tin athletics it pinch a cropped achromatic apical aliases make it a group pinch nan matching bustier top ($950).


Dua Lipa X Versace: Allover Towel Scrunchie


For a much wallet-friendly pick, this scrunchie is nan nether $500 prime featuring a towel-like worldly disposable successful bluish aliases pink. It moreover comes adorned pinch nan collection’s explanation and a metallic Medusa stud.


Dua Lipa X Versace: Embroidered Butterflies T-Shirt


Preorder nan embroidered top featuring nan collection’s main pattern. In nan halfway is nan logo, while nan butterflies (a cardinal taxable of nan collection) bargain nan show.


Dua Lipa X Versace: Crystal Butterflies Greca Chain Belt


Add immoderate glimmer to your ‘fit pinch this must-have chain belt from nan collection. Lined pinch different colored butterflies made from enamel, this will beryllium nan 1 connection portion that’ll make your summertime and outpouring looks really flourish.


Dua Lipa X Versace: Medusa ’95 Cutout Bustier Top


Lipa is known for being a instrumentality of trendy cutout pieces, truthful it comes arsenic nary astonishment she would incorporated 1 into nan collaboration. This cutout bustier top features that gorgeous Barbie pinkish and golden accents that make it cleanable for layering aliases wearing alone.


Dua Lipa X Versace: Crystal Repeat Mini Hobo Bag


We’re perfectly obsessed pinch this mini hobo bag from nan collection. Its adorned pinch mini crystals that’ll adhd immoderate shimmer to your look whether you’re grabbing brunch aliases hitting nan mall. Plus, it comes pinch nan standout Medusa emblem beforehand and center.

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