Elon Musk Advocates for More Job Cuts in Silicon Valley

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Twitter’s soon to beryllium ex-CEO Elon Musk claims there’s more room to trim jobs successful nan tech industry. Musk cleaned location nan infinitesimal he took complete arsenic Chief Twit, laying disconnected thousands of workers. But it seems he’s now fresh to beef up unit levels erstwhile again. In an question and reply astatine The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit successful London, England, Musk said adding an further 1,500 workers would beryllium a reasonable amount. That’d still make Twitter’s full unit a batch leaner than nan reported 7,500 tweeps that worked astatine nan societal media tract earlier Musk’s takeover.

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Speaking astir nan caller and ongoing layoffs that person rocked nan tech industry, Musk said, “There were a batch of group that didn’t look to person a batch of value. I deliberation that’s existent astatine galore Silicon Valley companies.” He continued, “I deliberation location is nan anticipation for important cuts astatine different companies without affecting their productivity, successful truth expanding their productivity.”

In 2023 alone, an estimated 702 tech companies person introduced important layoffs, and 199,047 full labor were fto go, according to Layoffs.FYI, which besides reported that successful 2022, location were 164,709 labor laid disconnected crossed 1,057 companies. Twitter was responsible for a ample number of those. According to Business Insider, nan institution laid disconnected 90% of its workforce and bringing its staffing numbers down to 1,000 from nan 7,500 group who were employed location erstwhile he acquired nan company.

He said successful nan question and reply that he had received pushback during meetings erstwhile he announced nan wide layoffs, saying, “Twitter was successful a business wherever you’d person a gathering of 10 group — 1 personification pinch an accelerator and 9 pinch a group of brakes, truthful you didn’t spell very far.” He claimed that Twitter’s functionality and features person accrued much successful nan six months than it did successful nan past six years, adding that he will beryllium hiring much labor and 1,500 seems to beryllium “a reasonable number.”

Musk did not elaborate connected nan caller hires but told CNBC past period that he regrets laying disconnected immoderate of nan employees, saying they were not deserving and he plans to rehire respective of them successful nan coming weeks, Mashable reported. It remains unclear why, if Musk is readying to prosecute much employees, he believes much layoffs should use to different Silicon Valley companies. But successful consequence to Twitter layoffs and why he believes location should beryllium much layoffs successful Big Tech, Musk said astatine nan CEO forum, “There were a batch of group doing things that don’t look to person a batch of value.”

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