Ethereum closed a big security hole with its energy-saving update

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At slightest 1 cryptocurrency based connected nan aged type of Ethereum is still susceptible to a package flaw that enables attackers to bargain funds

By Matthew Sparkes

Ethereum is nan world’s second-largest cryptocurrency

Steve Heap/Shutterstock

Ethereum, nan world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, slashed its power usage pinch a awesome alteration to really it useful past year. Security experts opportunity nan update besides unknowingly sidestepped a superior information flaw that could person allowed hackers to bargain funds. However, astatine slightest 1 cryptocurrency that “forked” from Ethereum by copying its codification is still astatine risk.

Ethereum utilized to trust connected “proof of work” to unafraid its network, arsenic bitcoin still does, meaning that computers performed immense numbers of calculations to “mine” caller rate and …

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