Fallout: New Vegas Is Currently Free On PC

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You’re busy, I get it. But if you’ve been excessively preoccupied to find clip to bargain nan influential action role-playing crippled Fallout: New Vegas in nan 13 years since its release, Epic Games brings bully news: you tin now download it for free.

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As of this morning, nan Ultimate Edition of nan post-apocalyptic crippled (formerly $20) sewage stickered pinch a 100-percent-off discount arsenic portion of nan Epic store’s play rotation of free games and giveaways. To download it to your PC, each you person to do is either click “get” aliases adhd to your cart immoderate clip betwixt now and June 1 astatine 10 a.m. ET, erstwhile nan connection expires.

In Fallout: New Vegas, nan U.S. is simply a burnt, neon wasteland populated by selfish and fierce groups crossed nan Mojave Wasteland, erstwhile known arsenic California, Arizona, and Nevada. In a 2010 Kotaku review, Senior Editor Luke Plunkett wrote that New Vegas “is a role-playing crippled that you tin really descend your teeth into. If you’ve sewage nan time—and much importantly, nan patience—to place nan game’s method ‘characteristics.’”

But nan game’s notorious launch time bugs person been mostly squashed successful nan past decade. The Ultimate Edition released successful 2012 and brought immoderate improvements and description s, including communicative add-ons (“Dead Money,” “Honest Hearts,” “Old World Blues,” and “Lonesome Road”) and other point packs (Courier’s Stash, Gun Runners Arsenal).

“Whether you’re a seasoned explorer of nan Mojave aliases playing nan crippled for nan first time, you’ll find location are much friends and enemies to make, much consequences to your actions and much opportunities to unrecorded successful glory aliases infamy passim nan Wasteland,” nan Epic Games explanation of nan Ultimate Edition says. “The choices you make will beryllium arsenic important to your endurance arsenic ever.”

I opportunity you take to download a free crippled that, contempt its flaws, group person spent years loving desperately. After Epic Games’ New Vegas connection expires, it will uncover nan “mystery game” group to return its place. You amended hurry up and return advantage of its existent connection earlier you get stuck pinch Nancy Drew for Windows 7.

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