Fat Growing Around Muscles Could Be a Silent Killer

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By Dennis Thompson 

HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, May 18, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- It's good known that it's unhealthy to person belly fat accumulating astir your abdominal organs, but there’s a much insidious shape of fat that could beryllium moreover much hazardous to your health, a caller study says.

Fat that infiltrates your muscles appears to dramatically summation your consequence of death, according to findings published May 16 successful nan diary Radiology.

Fatty musculus -- a information called myosteatosis -- was associated pinch a 15.5% summation successful absolute consequence of decease successful a group of patient adults, researchers found.

By comparison, obesity appeared to summation participants’ absolute mortality consequence by only 7.6%, results show. Fatty liver illness raised consequence by 8.5% and musculus wasting by 9.7%.

“The awesome [for musculus fat risk] was truthful overmuch stronger for this different patient cohort,” said elder interrogator Dr. Perry Pickhardt, main of gastrointestinal imaging astatine nan University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. “It really stood retired arsenic a beardown biomarker beyond nan things I deliberation we each judge arsenic important measures.

“I deliberation there’s going to beryllium profiling of patients wherever if you statement up myosteatosis pinch a very fatty liver aliases possibly abundant visceral fat, you mightiness beryllium a batch worse disconnected than if you conscionable had 1 of those aliases 2 of those,” Pickhardt added.

Muscle fat has been a taxable of expanding liking successful nan fields of obesity and diabetes, said Dr. Steven Heymsfield, a professor of metabolism and assemblage creation pinch Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

There’s a mini and patient magnitude of fat people recovered wrong each musculus compartment that tin beryllium utilized to make energy, said Heymsfield, who was not progressive pinch nan study.

The existent wellness interest comes from excess fat that accumulates extracurricular nan cells and astir nan musculus fibers and bundles.

Think of a steak

“If you deliberation astir a steak, nan marbling successful nan steak, that’s what we’re dealing pinch here,” Heymsfield said. “Over nan past decade aliases two, it’s been shown to correlate pinch adverse wellness outcomes, arsenic shown successful this study.”

People connected mean transportation a fewer kilograms of musculus fat distributed passim their bodies, Heymsfield said. It’s much apt to stitchery successful nan legs than successful different regions of nan body.

Pickhardt and his colleagues conducted their study successful a group of astir 9,000 patient patients who underwent low-dose CT scans for colon crab screening, a process known arsenic virtual colonoscopy, betwixt 2004 and 2016.

The researchers realized these CT scans could beryllium useful for assessing different imaginable wellness problems, fixed nan ample magnitude of information that nan scans stitchery connected a person’s physique.

“When we look astatine visceral fat and musculus measurements and aortic calcium aliases liver fat aliases bony marrow density, each of these things adhd together and fundamentally you tin extremity up pinch this really powerful prognostic benignant of virtual beingness exam, if you will, and conscionable leverage that disconnected of CTs done for immoderate reason,” Pickhardt said.

“We telephone it ‘opportunistic screening’ for now, because it's taking information that fundamentally utilized to beryllium benignant of disregarded aliases tossed distant and harnessing that successful caller ways,” he added.

So nan investigation squad trained an artificial intelligence instrumentality to extract assemblage creation measures from nan abdominal CT scans, specifically assessing each person’s belly fat, musculus fat, liver fat and musculus wasting.

The automated package simplified nan process. ”It would person taken a life to do that pinch nan older methods,” Heymsfield said.

The researchers past tracked participants for an mean of 9 years to spot whether immoderate of these measures could beryllium related to awesome wellness problems aliases early death.

Not only was musculus fat associated pinch nan highest decease risk, but nan relation held moreover aft researchers accounted for each person’s BMI (body wide index) -- nan champion disposable measurement for obesity.

Lean group astatine risk, too

“BMI was really a very mediocre predictor and had a very anemic signal,” Pickhardt said. “Clearly, location are patients who were not obese who had this bad musculus measure. That’s what makes this truthful important -- location are thin folks successful position of BMI retired location who really person a worse floor plan than you mightiness think.”

However, this study can’t tie a clear cause-and-effect narration betwixt musculus fat and consequence of death, noted Dr. Angela Tong, a objective adjunct professor of radiology astatine nan New York University School of Medicine.

Muscle fat mightiness beryllium accumulating because of different wellness problem that’s nan existent risk, said Tong, who co-authored an editorial published pinch nan study.

“I deliberation of it much arsenic a motion that possibly thing other is going on, possibly thing other successful your wellness that’s not letting you beryllium arsenic active,” Tong said. “You should look cautiously if location are immoderate cardiac issues aliases diabetes."

Other studies person drawn a nexus betwixt fatty muscles and mediocre outcomes. For example, a 2020 grounds reappraisal published successful Critical Reviews successful Oncology/Hematology recovered that crab patients diagnosed pinch myosteatosis had a 75% greater mortality consequence than those without fatty muscles.

How does it happen?

It’s not precisely clear why your muscles mightiness commencement accumulating fat, Heymsfield said.

“There whitethorn beryllium immoderate genetics involved, and it increases arsenic you age, contempt your champion intentions to assistance weights aliases exercise,” Heymsfield said.

Muscle fat besides is known to accumulate if your muscles atrophy, Heymsfield said.

“Let's opportunity you person a formed connected your limb and nan musculus atrophies, sometimes those musculus cells are replaced by fat cells,” Heymsfield said. “That's astir apt nan biggest root of what these investigators found.”

For example, myosteatosis is simply a hallmark of definite types of muscular dystrophy, Heymsfield said.

It’s besides not clear really you tin free yourself of unwanted musculus fat, Heymsfield said.

“The subject is evolving, but I deliberation connected nan astir part, if you suffer weight and you exercise, I would opportunity those are 2 really bully ways to trim it,” Heymsfield said. “There whitethorn beryllium immoderate location that conscionable won't spell distant nary matter what you do, perchance nan familial portion aliases nan portion that comes from musculus cells dying.”

A 2021 grounds reappraisal successful nan Journal of Applied Physiology recovered that “exercise tin importantly amended musculus value successful populations astatine consequence of processing obesity,” causing fat successful muscles to decline.

This study shows that CT scans could beryllium a useful instrumentality for a assortment of wellness screenings, including for fatty muscle, Pickhardt said.

“I could envision a clip successful nan not-too-distant early wherever this is an intended screening measure,” Pickhardt said. “You tin do it for astir nan aforesaid magnitude of radiation arsenic a modular X-ray of nan abdomen.

“I’m a small hesitant to telephone it a virtual beingness exam, but that’s benignant of nan concept," Pickhardt added.

Heymsfield said CT scans look to beryllium nan champion measurement to measure musculus fat levels astatine this time. “You could get an estimate pinch ultrasound, but not to nan aforesaid grade of accuracy,” he said.

But group shouldn’t actively interest astir whether their muscles are fatty, fixed that nan subject surrounding this is truthful new, he added.

“I deliberation what's going to hap now is since nan AI and different study methods are going to go ubiquitous, that radiologists are going to get this information backmost automatically conscionable erstwhile they do an abdominal CT scan,” Heymsfield said. “As a result, group are going to commencement saying, ‘Wait a minute, what do I do astir this?’ The reply is, if you're overweight aliases you're under-exercising, those are 2 things you could do easy successful response."

More information

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SOURCES: Perry Pickhardt, MD, chief, gastrointestinal imaging, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health; Steven Heymsfield, MD, professor, metabolism and assemblage composition, Louisiana State University Pennington Biomedical Research Center; Angela Tong, MD, objective adjunct professor, radiology, New York University Grossman School of Medicine; Radiology, May 16, 2023

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