Fetty Wap Sentenced to Six Years in Prison In Drug Trafficking Case

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Fetty Wap Sentenced to 6 Years In Prison For Drug Trafficking

5/24/2023 9:53 AM PT

Fetty Wap is going distant for 6 years -- nan judge conscionable sentenced him successful his national supplier trafficking case.

The rapper learned his destiny Wednesday aft antecedently pleading guilty to conspiracy to administer astatine slightest 500 grams of cocaine, for which he was arrested successful October 2021.

The judge besides sentenced Fetty to 5 years of post-release supervision ... according to a rep for nan U.S. Attorney for nan Eastern District of New York.

Fetty ended up getting 1 twelvemonth much than he was hoping to get. As we first reported, he'd petitioned nan tribunal for a 5-year sentence, which is nan mandatory minimum.

U.S. Attorney for nan Eastern District of New York Breon Peace asked nan judge to springiness him location betwixt 7 and 9 years, claiming Fetty participated successful a immense supplier trafficking statement that flooded Long Island pinch cocaine.

Ultimately, nan judge landed correct successful nan middle.

TMZ collapsed nan communicative ... Fetty was arrested connected his measurement to Rolling Loud New York successful 2021, pinch nan feds accusing him and respective others of utilizing USPS trucks to smuggle cocaine. The feds opportunity their investigation turned up 16 kilos of coke.

We reached retired to Fetty Wap's ineligible squad ... truthful acold nary connection back.

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