Final Fantasy XVI's Newest Trailer Shows More Of Its Dark Story

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The May 24 PlayStation Showcase has been rolling retired nan trailers for game’s we’ll beryllium mashing buttons to connected our PS5s successful nan future, and Final Fantasy XVI is nary exception. Though we’ve seen a bully chunk of nan crippled from caller previews, this latest trailer shows disconnected immoderate crisp visuals while teasing nan perchance confusing but surely grim plot.

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Final Fantasy XVI is expected to get connected June 22, 2023 exclusively connected PS5. Following galore awkward steps successful nan franchise’s history, nan latest introduction has tasked Final Fantasy XIV’s savior, crippled shaper Naoki Yoshida, pinch starring nan complaint for its adjacent leap forward. With players taking connected nan domiciled of sole protagonist Clive, a deficiency of statement members isn’t nan only differentiating factor.

As we saw a small from today’s trailer, Final Fantasy XVI is simply a notably darker game, for amended aliases for worse, taking inspiration from the likes of Game of Thrones. Check it retired here:

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Final Fantasy XVI is intelligibly willing successful telling a acheronian communicative of individual struggle group successful an unforgiving world. While nan bite-sized portions of speech connected show successful nan latest trailer don’t connection a tremendous magnitude of accusation connected a crippled that’s already warranted its ain strategy to thief demystify it, there’s intelligibly a communicative of struggle, pinch a world plunged into strife and struggle.

The “Mothercrystals,” described successful respective previews arsenic nan cardinal constituent of struggle betwixt warring armies and successful nan caller trailer, mightiness really beryllium much of a problem for FFXVI’s denizens than a gift. It’s clear that nan cardinal struggle of warring armies, which previews person indicated return up an tremendous portion of nan opening, will uncover a much mythic and perchance depressing reality underneath.

The PlayStation Showcase trailer besides showed disconnected 1 of nan game’s undeniable strengths: Visual fidelity. Aiming for a precocious level of cinematic flair, it looks crisp successful some cutscenes and successful nan little spot of gameplay we saw arsenic Clive gets group to do conflict against a peep monster and different foes; combat has been compared to Devil May Cry in caller previews, which mightiness sound for illustration heresy, but astatine slightest it’ll beryllium a nosy benignant of heresy. And that’s to opportunity thing of nan spectacle of nan game’s summons. Known arsenic Eikons, FFXVI will characteristic gameplay segments focused wholly connected epic, kaiju-style battles that’ll look awesome connected a monolithic 4k screen.

The communicative mightiness confuse aliases tyre us, but damn Final Fantasy XVI looks pretty.

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