Final Fantasy XVI Won’t Have A Day-One Patch For Folks Without Internet

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“I’ve been waiting for this spot to download for 84 years…”Image: Square Enix

Folks who don’t person net aliases don’t want to beryllium done a agelong day-one spot download for Final Fantasy XVI are successful luck, arsenic Square Enix doesn’t person 1 planned for erstwhile nan Devil May Clive action-RPG hits PlayStation 5 connected June 22.

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According to a Game Informer report, FFXVI is simply a vanished package you’ll download without having to make abstraction for a monolithic first-installation update. Director Hiroshi Takai told nan publication that this is for 2 reasons. The first is that nan improvement squad has full religion successful nan stableness of nan game’s last build. Secondly, and much crucially, is that not everyone has an net connection, which complicates nan quality of downloading a day-one patch. To make nan world June merchandise genuinely ready, Takai, alongside shaper Naoki Yoshida and nan remainder of nan team, believes it should beryllium functional astatine launch.

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That said, Takai told Game Informer that nan improvement squad is testing nan crippled connected a regular basis, searching for immoderate bugs that request to beryllium squashed and issues that request to beryllium ironed out. So, though things are ever taxable to change, Square Enix is forgoing a day-one update for FFXVI. For now, anyway

Kotaku reached retired to Square Enix for comment.

This is awesome news. Day-one updates are mostly fine, arsenic they activity to stamp retired immoderate last-minute hitches that weren’t recovered successful clip for a game’s charismatic release. But sometimes, arsenic was nan lawsuit pinch Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s astronomical 128 GB day-one update connected PC, folks are stuck watching a slow-moving download barroom capable up earlier they tin dive successful to play. With Square Enix confirming that, astatine slightest for now, there’s nary planned update for FFXVI erstwhile it launches, you should beryllium bully to spell correct retired of nan box.

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