Fletcher, King Princess & More Join the Lineup for L.A.’s Pride in the Park: Exclusive

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The two-day performance bid will return spot astatine Los Angeles State Historic Park connected June 9 and 10.


Fletcher Carlos de la Reina*

Fans, rejoice: You’re going to get to spot a batch much than conscionable Megan Thee Stallion and Mariah Carey astatine this year’s L.A. Pride celebrations.

On Thursday (May 18), Christopher Street West Association (the statement that produces L.A. Pride) shared pinch Billboard nan afloat slate of performers group to return nan shape astatine this year’s Pride successful nan Park, its yearly Pride performance series. Along pinch Mimi and Meg, artists including Fletcher, King Princess, Drag Race alums Sasha Colby, Symone, Violet Chachki, Gigi Goode and Gottmik, Dorian Electra, VINCINT and G Flip are group to look passim nan two-day festival.

Pride successful nan Park first announced Carey and Megan arsenic their headliners for nan show backmost successful March. In a statement, Mariah expressed her excitement astatine getting to “come together to observe love, inclusion, and Pride” pinch nan community, while Megan said successful her ain connection that she was “honored to execute and person a blast pinch each of nan Hotties successful attendance.”

Earlier this week, nan statement besides announced its official marshals for nan yearly L.A. Pride Parade. Comedian and character Margaret Cho will subordinate nan yearly march arsenic Icon Grand Marshal, while nan precocious character Leslie Jordan will beryllium honored posthumously arsenic nan event’s Legacy Grand Marshal.

Check retired nan afloat lineup for some days of L.A.’s Pride successful nan Park below:

June 9 Artist Lineup

Main Stage:

  • Megan Thee Stallion
  • Fletcher
  • Symone
  • Gigi Goode
  • Dorian Electra
  • The Scarlet Opera
  • G Flip
  • Foudeqush
  • Saturn Risin9
  • The Iconic House of Miyake-Mugler + Friends

All Out Stage:

  • The Party By Ostbahnhof
  • Miki Ratsula
  • Jeffrey Eli
  • Codi Smith
  • Pain Behavior

June 10 Artist Lineup

Main Stage:

  • Mariah Carey
  • King Princess
  • Violet Chachki
  • Gottmik
  • Sasha Colby
  • Alex Chapman
  • Mad Tsai
  • Minke
  • Ah Mer Ah Su
  • Bobby Newberry
  • The Iconic House of Ninja + Friends

All Out Stage:

  • A Club Called Rhonda
  • Emeryld
  • Neyva
  • Lyle Anthony
  • Chanel Joie
  • Soltera
  • The Mannequins

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