Foo Fighters Launch First Tour With New Drummer Josh Freese, Play Four New Songs

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The set besides dropped their 3rd azygous from their upcoming medium connected Thursday, "Show Me How."

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters performs onstage during Global Citizen VAX LIVE: The Concert To Reunite The World astatine SoFi Stadium successful Inglewood, Calif. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen VAX LIVE

The Foo Fighters launched their first circuit pinch caller drummer Josh Freese connected Wednesday nighttime (May 24) astatine nan Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion astatine Meadowbrook successful Gilford, N.H. The bittersweet evening marked nan band’s first circuit successful a 4th period without beloved precocious drummer Taylor Hawkins, who died past March while connected circuit pinch nan group successful South America astatine property 50.

In his stead was precocious revealed caller timekeeper workplace and touring seasoned Freese (NIN, Guns N’ Roses, A Perfect Circle), who made his charismatic debut down nan kit connected Sunday during nan “Foo Fighters: Preparing Music for Concerts” livestream event.

According to Blabbermouth, nan 21-song group included nan unrecorded debuts of 4 songs that look connected nan band’s upcoming 11th workplace album, But Here We Are, including set-opener and first azygous “Rescued,” arsenic good arsenic caller songs “Under You,” “Nothing astatine All” and nan title track. Before nan show, nan set posted a two-minute video of their shape walk-on astatine nan Gilford show pinch nan connection “Thank you truthful overmuch for coming. We’ve missed you.”

During nan gig, Grohl introduced Freese to nan Foo family, telling nan crowd, “And that’s why we hired him… everybody, would you please invited nan man down nan drums, Josh Freese,” arsenic nan drummer stood up and saluted while wearing a achromatic t-shirt pinch nan words “Employee of nan Month” crossed nan beforehand successful reddish letters. “We would not beryllium present to nighttime if it weren’t for Josh, truthful everybody springiness Josh a large f–king information of applause please.”

The Foos’ adjacent show is Friday nighttime (May 26) astatine nan Boston Calling Festival. On Thursday greeting (May 25), nan set released nan nature-themed video for nan 3rd azygous from But Here We Are, nan meditative “Show Me How.”

Check retired instrumentality video of nan show below, nan group’s shape walk-on clip and nan “Show Me How” video below.

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