Former Chicago Bears RB David Montgomery drags organization for losing culture

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David Montgomery, Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

New Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery levied immoderate harsh disapproval against his erstwhile team, nan Chicago Bears. 

The Chicago Bears vanished past play 3-14, which threw acold h2o connected immoderate excitement astir Justin Fields aliases nan team’s future. At immoderate point, Chicago needs to commencement winning games.

Ask erstwhile RB David Montgomery and he would agree. Montgomery made nan move to section rival Detroit complete nan summertime and he’s thrilled pinch nan alteration of scenery.

In nan mediate of a heated crippled of live-streamed NBA 2K pinch caller Lions teammate C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Montgomery said candidly astir his clip pinch nan Chicago Bears.

Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery said that losing games erstwhile he was pinch nan Chicago Bears “sucked nan fun” retired of shot for him.

Montgomery: “I for illustration to compete. That is what shot is about. It's truthful refreshing to beryllium astatine a spot wherever I americium appreciated.”

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— Daniel Greenberg (@ChiSportUpdates) May 24, 2023

Former Bears RB David Montgomery blasts squad for losing culture

It’s difficult not to sympathize pinch Montgomery. To suffer 14 of 17 games is difficult connected immoderate player, and he’s astir apt not nan only erstwhile Chicago Bear celebrating a alteration of scenery successful 2023.

Montgomery will besides person nan luxury of playing a important domiciled successful nan Detroit backfield. The Lions are expected to manus nan reigns to No. 12 prime Jahmyr Gibbs consecutive away, but Montgomery should get plentifulness of activity arsenic a change-of-pace backmost pinch much NFL experience.

The Lions went 9-8 past play and will look to build connected their affirmative momentum heading into nan fall. The Bears will beryllium looking to dress up that ground. Say what you will astir Chicago, but there’s logic to judge Justin Fields tin move that discourtesy into a victor sooner than later. The Bears’ extent floor plan astatine RB has filled retired nicely pinch veterans D’Onta Foreman and Khalil Herbert, arsenic good arsenic hyped fourth-round rookie Roschon Johnson.

Montgomery averaged 4.0 yards per transportation and punched successful 5 touchdowns for Chicago past season. He added a sixth touchdown done nan air. The Bears astir apt aren’t lamenting his absence excessively much, but he has fixed nan squad bulletin committee worldly heading into nan caller season.

Detroit and Chicago will look disconnected connected Nov. 19 astatine Montgomery’s caller home, Ford Field. That will beryllium a chance for Montgomery to beryllium his constituent — aliases for nan Bears to retort.

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