Fortnite Is Banning Anyone Who Uses This Game-Breaking Exploit

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Fortnite's kinetic leaf is displayed connected a reddish background.

Image: FortniteBR / Twitter / Epic Games

Fortnite is issuing bans to anyone who uses an esoteric utilization that lets players frost clip pinch the Kinetic Blade katana. In only nan smattering of days since players discovered nan “game-breaking” glitch, earlier Fortnite developers “temporarily disabled” nan kinetic blade’s usage in tourney playlists, immoderate unwitting competitory players were suddenly, unceremoniously blown up.

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They ne'er stood a chance. The glitch didn’t springiness them one; it made their deaths hap offline. Fortnite leaker FNBRIntel, on Twitter connected May 21, explains why.

Behind nan Fortnite kinetic leaf exploit

The kinetic leaf utilization could only beryllium utilized aft a bid of observant steps were performed. A devious subordinate would person to make judge they were retired “in nan open” earlier selecting a adjacent target. Then, they needed to “disconnect wifi and dash to [a target],” “use nan portion characteristic [repeatedly] until you consciousness for illustration you’ve done 200 damage,” and yet “reconnect wifi.”

And past nan deed was done. “You’ll beryllium teleported backmost and granted nan kill,” FNBRIntel said.

While those exploiting nan bug would beryllium moving difficult down nan scenes, methodically executing each overpowered step, nan players they targeted would person nary thought thing was wrong, aliases that nan different subordinate was attacking them, fto unsocial plotting evil things offline. They would beryllium playing their crippled for illustration normal, until they spontaneously died. Awkward.

The kinetic leaf is simply a reasonably caller summation to Fortnite, arriving to nan conflict royale on pinch nan remainder of its Chapter 4 Season 2 update earlier this spring, and truthful developer Epic Games seemed to beryllium vigilant successful monitoring it. In summation to vaulting nan leaf from tourney playlists, nan developer started handing retired impermanent bans little than 24 hours aft nan exploit’s discovery for players that usage it extracurricular of tourney mode. Kotaku reached retired for remark but did not person a consequence successful clip for publication.

With awesome powerfulness comes awesome removal from Fortnite.

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