Freddie Freeman thinks he’s fully over the Braves, but we’ll see

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Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman. (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman. (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

Freddie Freeman is returning to Atlanta for nan 2nd clip connected Monday nighttime but this clip he doesn’t deliberation it’s going to impact him that much.

The past clip Freddie Freeman made his return to Truist Park, it was specified an affectional acquisition it really appeared to origin strife successful nan Dodgers clubhouse.

A twelvemonth later, Freeman is group for different return but he’s not expecting nan aforesaid benignant of affectional outpouring, astatine slightest connected a individual level.

This clip around, Freeman says nan travel feels “a small spot different,” per SportsNet LA.

“I americium looking guardant to it, I had truthful galore typical times there. Obviously, being a World Series champion pinch nan Atlanta Braves, I person truthful galore typical memories. I can’t hold to spot immoderate of my aged friends again. I americium looking guardant to it, astir apt not going to beryllium arsenic galore tears this clip around, but I americium looking guardant to it but it’ll beryllium a small spot different this time.”

Freddie Freeman wants to judge he’s afloat complete nan Braves

At slightest Freeman acknowledged location won’t beryllium “as galore tears” alternatively of trying to enactment for illustration location will beryllium none. He’s apt to get an ovation from nan Braves religious and it’s difficult to judge nan beardown feelings he knowledgeable past twelvemonth aren’t still location successful immoderate capacity.

So yeah, nan Dodgers whitethorn person to spell done it again pinch Freeman. On nan positive side, each nan hubbub did small to sound nan first baseman disconnected his game.

He had a beardown drawstring of outings successful his 2022 return. In nan first crippled of nan bid he drew 2 walks and went 1-of-3 pinch 2 runs scored. The pursuing time he went 2-of-4 pinch a walk. He capped nan travel pinch a 1-of-6 nighttime including an RBI and a run. The Dodgers were 2-1 successful Atlanta.

So successful immoderate sense, LA doesn’t want it to be that overmuch different for Freeman. The Braves could usage that shift.

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