Gabriel Luna Is Open to a Marvel Return as Ghost Rider

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Gabriel Luna’s return connected Robbie Reyes arsenic Ghost Rider successful Agents of SHIELD was highly praised, and fans of some nan show and nan wider Marvel Cinematic Universe person continually brought up Luna (The Last of Us) as an perfect crossover candidate. The character wasn’t ever successful favour of that idea—but now he’s much unfastened to it.

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Luna said to Forbes mag that for years his banal reply erstwhile asked if he would return was, “I loved what we did, I’m very happy pinch what we accomplished and I tin beryllium happy leaving it connected nan support and admiring what we did and person nan assemblage retrieve it fondly, nan measurement they do. To do nan characteristic again conscionable gives maine different opportunity to screw it up.” Now it seems for illustration nan character mightiness beryllium much amenable to a return. From nan aforesaid interview: “It feels for illustration nan request whitethorn beryllium location and if nan imaginative is location and it makes sense… I deliberation pinch Marvel correct now, it’s truthful intricately woven that it would beryllium a fewer years retired if they started to deliberation astir it, to do nan character. I’m ever open.”

His top fearfulness has ever been doing incorrect by Robbie Reyes—a awesome characteristic that breathed caller life into nan Ghost Rider series, and became 1 of my individual favorites of nan slate of rebooted characters of nan past fewer years. Luna seems to get that. “It’s important to grant what group emotion astir definite things, what I emotion astir it,” he said. “And that benignant of helps if you person a fewer of nan blocks already laid, immoderate of nan instauration is already strong, I deliberation it’s important to commencement building from there.”

Almost arsenic soon arsenic Ghost Rider debuted connected Agents talks of a Luna-led spinoff began swirling. Luna had revealed successful an question and reply pinch Comic Book that apparently Marvel was truthful all-in connected Ghost Rider that it utilized nan clasp clause successful his contract, meaning that “they paid him to either not work, aliases work together to discontinue activity successful bid to return arsenic nan Spirit of Vengeance.”

But erstwhile acquisitions happened betwixt Fox, Hulu, and Disney, yet Marvel’s plans changed and Ghost Rider—the TV show—was put connected hold. ““It was really disappointing conscionable successful nan end,” said Luna “I retrieve astatine nan clip I tried to person immoderate position connected it and you can’t look back.”

It sounds for illustration Luna mightiness beryllium fresh to bring backmost nan skull and flames. I dream nan MCU lets him do it.

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