GameStop Overhauling Rewards Program, Raising Price By $10

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GameStop’s customer loyalty program is getting a immense makeover successful June, according to screenshots of soul firm training materials shared pinch Kotaku. The existing PowerUp Rewards rank will spot its sanction changed to GameStop Pro, pinch nan value going up from $15 a twelvemonth to $25 successful speech for bigger discounts connected collectibles and pre-owned games.

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GameStop Pro will rotation retired connected June 27, pinch existing memberships being phased retired arsenic they travel up for renewal. Notably, nan training materials opportunity existent members won’t person to salary nan caller value until their rank is renewed, while still receiving each of nan further benefits. One existent worker said they are being discouraged from renewing customers nether nan existent cheaper programme until nan caller type is active.

The large tie of nan existent programme is simply a monthly $5 coupon that tin beryllium utilized connected almost thing successful nan shop aliases online, and a points strategy that provides 2 percent rate backmost successful nan shape of GameStop shop in installments connected each purchases. According to nan training materials, GameStop Pro’s caller perks will include:

  • 5 percent disconnected pre-owned games
  • 5 percent disconnected each collectibles (including Pokémon cards)
  • 5 percent disconnected each merchandise warranties
  • 5 percent disconnected clearance items
  • 5 percent disconnected GameStop marque cogwheel (like PC gaming accessories)

The monthly coupons will remain, but immoderate benefits of nan existent loyalty programme are besides being stripped away. The 5 percent disconnected is really only half of nan discount customers utilized to get for Pro memberships 5 years ago. Points will now expire wrong 12 months if they aren’t used, and will instantly vanish if rank ever lapses. Complimentary subscriptions to nan people type of Game Informer, nan long-running gaming magazine, will besides apparently not beryllium an action for customers to bargain moving forward. Those pinch existing subscriptions will proceed to get it “for nan clip being,” while everyone other will only get it digitally.

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The training materials show labor not to pass these upcoming changes until May 23, but screenshots of them person already begun leaking online. The GameStop subreddit is already afloat of group claiming to beryllium some customers and labor who are furious pinch nan overhaul, mostly because of nan 66 percent value summation and nan truth that points will now automatically expire.

The meme banal institution reported its first profitable quarter successful respective years recently, but it came arsenic GameStop burned done leftover inventory and enacted several rounds of layoffs past year. While nan caller type of nan rewards programme could extremity up being worthy it for immoderate customers, it will beryllium different reliable waste for those who only bargain a mates games a twelvemonth and are progressively getting them from online retailers aliases digitally downloaded straight onto their crippled consoles.

GameStop did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

Update 5/22/2023 1:16 p.m. ET: Added explanation that monthly coupon will still stay portion of nan program, arsenic will nan integer subscription to Game Informer.

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