George Santos Called On To Resign Tonight Before Expulsion Vote

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Rep. Daniel Garcia (D-CA) called connected George Santos to resign coming earlier nan House votes connected Wednesday to expel him.

Video of Rep. Garcia:

Rep. Garcia said connected MSNBC’s All In pinch Chris Hayes:

I deliberation that’s true. At nan extremity of nan day, Kevin McCarthy is fixed distant nan keys to his activity and speakership to folks for illustration George Santos, to folks for illustration Marjorie Taylor Greene. He’s mislaid each power of nan caucus, and he needs Santos for cardinal votes connected nan shortage nan budget, and truthful he’s fixed distant his powerfulness to these folks. He’s been moving pinch a liar and immense fraudster successful nan congress.

McCarthy is now going to person to make a choice, whether he will support George Santos, who’s an admitted liar and fraud, aliases really perceive to nan American people. We will proceed to push this arsenic champion arsenic possible, we deliberation it’s perfectly nan correct approach, and we person fixed plentifulness of clip to George Santos to resign. We’ve been calling nan resignation for months, but it’s clip to do nan correct thing. You should resign tonight.

If Santos had a shred of decency aliases attraction astir America, he would resign tonight.

George Santos will support scamming legislature paychecks for arsenic agelong arsenic he can. The scheme is for Santos to effort to thrust this ungraded retired until his word ends successful January 2025.

Kevin McCarthy needs Santos’s vote, truthful he is not going to support expelling him. McCarthy will effort to hide Santos’s crimes successful nan House Ethics Committee, hoping he tin tally retired nan timepiece and not suffer 25% of his House majority.

It is difficult to take who is worse successful this situation. Is it Santos nan alleged criminal, aliases Kevin McCarthy for keeping a criminal successful nan House?

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