Georgia GOP Chair Pushes Flat-Earth Conspiracy, Says Globes Brainwash Us

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Kandiss Taylor, a GOP territory chair successful Georgia, claimed the Earth is flat connected her podcast, Jesus, Guns, & Babies, alongside chap flat-Earther David ‘Flat Earth Dave’ Weiss and Matt Long. She becomes nan latest GOP personnel to jump connected nan level Earth bandwagon, tacking this ideology onto her erstwhile conspiracy mentation exclamations that nan 2020 statesmanlike predetermination was stolen.

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The 3 discussed nan alleged “evidence” they opportunity supports their belief that nan Earth is not information arsenic technological grounds proves, pinch Weiss saying, “The group that take sides nan globe don’t cognize thing astir nan globe.” He continued, “If they knew a tenth of what Matt and I cognize astir nan globe they would beryllium Flat Earthers.”

It was Taylor’s responses though that are drafting attraction fixed that she is now a governmental fig that was voted into agency only this weekend. On nan podcast, she claimed it is nan globes being sold successful stores that support her level Earth beliefs.

“All nan globes, everywhere,” Taylor said, “I move connected nan TV, there’s globes successful nan inheritance … Everywhere there’s globes. You spot them each nan time, it’s constant. My children will beryllium for illustration ‘Mama, globe, globe, globe, globe’ — they’re everywhere. That’s what they do, to brainwash.” She added, “For maine if it’s not a conspiracy. If it is real, why are you pushing truthful difficult everyplace I go? Every store, you bargain a globe, there’s globes everywhere. Every movie, each TV show, news media — why? More and much I’m like, it doesn’t make sense.”

Taylor’s podcast was posted to YouTube, which necessitated nan request for nan tract to station a disclaimer from Wikipedia, saying claims that nan Earth is level “is an archaic and scientifically disproven conception...”

Taylor, who ran for Georgia politician past year, tried to utilized erstwhile President Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories erstwhile he mislaid nan 2020 election, likewise claiming nan predetermination was “rigged” aft she mislaid nan primary, receiving only 3% of nan votes. Yet she made nary claims of a fraudulent predetermination process erstwhile she was elected arsenic Georgia’s District 1 chair. “When they can’t cheat, I win,” she said successful a matter message, nan Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported.

Taylor utilized her 2022 run to beforehand further mendacious conspiracy theories, claiming nan GOP leaders were concealed Communists and Democrats were satanic pedophiles.

Conspiracy theorists being elected into authorities positions are opening to interest nan much mainstream Republicans who opportunity they don’t admit nan GOP statement anymore. Former GOP Chair Jason Shepherd told nan Atlantic-Journal, “I don’t admit nan GOP anymore,” adding, “and I’ve decided it’s clip to give my energies to amended purposes, for illustration really helping elite Republican candidates.”

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