Giant Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Infinite Item Glitch Shatters Its Economy [Update]

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Players person discovered a caller plagiarism glitch successful The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom, that lets you infinitely copy almost each of nan items successful your inventory, from diamonds to prima fragments. It wholly breaks nan game’s economy. Here’s really to do it.

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[Update 5/19/2023 10:05 a.m. ET: Nintendo released Tears of nan Kingdom’s first post-launch spot overnight, but fortunately the infinite point glitch still useful successful type 1.1.1. The update addressed a advancement bug for nan Closed Door quest and introduced immoderate different vague fixes. Hyrules economy, astatine slightest for now, remains successful an inflationary spiral acknowledgment to free diamonds and rubies.]

Unlike immoderate of nan glitches successful Breath of nan Wild, nan latest plagiarism glitch successful Tears of nan Kingdom is some elemental and beautiful straightforward to propulsion off. It besides lets you clone way much than conscionable caller weapons. All it requires is that nan point you want to copy tin beryllium stuck to an arrow and that you person 2 bows successful your inventory. You tin do it anytime, anywhere, and if you messiness up—don’t worry, you won’t suffer nan point you were trying to duplicate.

The steps are arsenic follows:

  1. Pull retired you bow
  2. Press up connected nan D-pad and connect nan point you want to copy to it
  3. Press commencement to unfastened your inventory
  4. Drop nan front you person equipped
  5. Equip a caller bow
  6. Press commencement 2 times arsenic quickly arsenic imaginable to adjacent and re-open nan menu
  7. Drop nan front you person equipped
  8. Close retired of your inventory screen
  9. Pick some of nan bows you dropped backmost up

If it worked, you now person 2 of nan point you tried to duplicate. If it didn’t, simply effort again. The only difficult portion astir this glitch is nan timing of closing and re-opening nan inventory screen. It has to beryllium really fast. The thought seems to beryllium to get Link to driblet some bows wrong nan aforesaid animation, seemingly stacking them and tricking nan crippled successful immoderate measurement into reasoning some person nan point connected nan arrow.

But erstwhile you’ve mastered nan glitch, nan sky’s nan limit. Almost thing tin beryllium attached to arrows, from cooking ingredients and monster parts to uncommon gems and Zonai devices. Diamonds, for example, waste for 500 rupees apiece. Tears of nan Kingdom’s system is overmuch stingier than Breath of nan Wild’s, so nan easy money comes successful handy.

Rare monster parts for illustration Black Horns and Gibdo Bones are besides ace useful since they tin now beryllium fused pinch weapons to greatly summation their strength. Duplicating them is an easy measurement to ne'er beryllium short connected powerful swords, aliases potent elixir-mixing ingredients for that matter. Or you could beryllium for illustration maine and conscionable worldly your pockets pinch dozens of Zonai rockets to craft each kinds of absurd warfare machines.

If you don’t want to spell hog chaotic pinch nan glitch, it still mightiness beryllium bully to pad your inventory pinch other copies of a fewer of your rarer items. If Breath of nan Wild’s update history is immoderate indication, this glitch won’t beryllium astir for long. Though astatine nan complaint plagiarism tricks are popping up successful new Switch games these days, it astir apt won’t beryllium agelong until nan organization finds different ones arsenic well.

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