Gibbons plan ahead to beat competitors to the best breakfast spots

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Skywalker gibbons retrieve nan locations of nan astir desirable foods and group disconnected earlier erstwhile they want to eat consequence for breakfast

By Soumya Sagar

A antheral skywalker gibbon

Pengfei Fan

Gibbons get up early erstwhile they want consequence for breakfast, showing a capacity for readying that has seldom been documented successful chaotic animals.

Skywalker gibbons (Hoolock tianxing) forage complete a scope of 1 to 3 quadrate kilometres, feeding connected a assortment of fruits and leaves.

Pengfei Fan astatine Sun Yat-sen University successful Guangzhou, China, and his colleagues studied 2 groups of skywalker gibbons successful nan Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve successful south-west China for astir 5 years. They followed gibbons from nan trees wherever they slept to those …

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