Gone But Not Forgotten: Musicians We Lost in 2023

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Billboard remembers nan artists who near america this year.

Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck photographed successful October 1984. Michael Putland/GI

It’s ever a large nonaccomplishment erstwhile nan world loses a talented artist, and unfortunately, 2023 kicked disconnected pinch respective notable deaths successful music. It began pinch Gangsta Boo, nan pioneering Southern female rapper formerly of hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia, who was recovered dormant connected New Year’s Day astatine property 43.

The adjacent day, Alan Rankine of post-punk New Wave enactment The Associates, who besides produced nan Cocteau Twins and pursued his ain solo music, died astatine property 64. Since then, we’ve besides mislaid stone guitar fable Jeff Beck — who died astatine property 78 connected Jan. 10 — and singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, who suffered cardiac apprehension and died connected Jan. 12 astatine property 54.

While their loved ones and fans astir nan globe mourn nan nonaccomplishment of these artists, they will not beryllium forgotten. Here, Billboard remembers nan musicians who near america successful 2023.

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