GOP Disgraces Itself As Kevin McCarthy Will Keep George Santos In The House

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Speaker of nan House Kevin McCarthy is going to support George Santos successful nan House by making judge that nan expulsion ballot fails.

Video of McCarthy:

Speaker McCarthy told maine he would show House Ethics to proceed pinch George Santos probe moreover if DOJ asks sheet to guidelines down. (With past indicted members, DOJ has asked nan committee to guidelines down.) “I don’t want to hold astir for really agelong nan tribunal lawsuit could take,” he told maine

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) May 17, 2023

McCarthy won’t show nan Ethics Committee to guidelines down arsenic nan DOJ investigates, and it looks for illustration he has nan votes to mention Santos for a committee investigation:

A motion McCarthy will person nan votes to mention Santos expulsion solution to House Ethics. Freshman GOP Rep. Mike Lawler says he will ballot to mention to committee. Dems, including Jeffries, are expected to reason referral to morals to effort to unit expulsion ballot now

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) May 17, 2023

All of this is simply a hold maneuver by McCarthy because he needs Santos’s ballot successful nan House. Kevin McCarthy is keeping a felony indicted congressman successful nan House because his mostly is excessively small, and he can’t spend a azygous mislaid vote.

McCarthy’s behaviour and nan House Republicans pursuing him disconnected this cliff are disgraceful.

Speaker McCarthy is showing nary respect for nan House arsenic an institution. It could beryllium months, a year, aliases moreover longer earlier nan morals investigation is completed.

For nan bully of nan country, George Santos should ne'er person been seated successful nan House. One of nan tasks that voters must execute successful 2024 is to reconstruct decency and nan norm of rule backmost to nan House by getting free of nan Republican majority.

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