Green Bay may never get to host a Super Bowl, but was just awarded next-best thing

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Green Bay Packers, 2025 NFL Draft location (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers, 2025 NFL Draft location (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Green Bay Packers will astir apt not get to big a Super Bowl, barring nan sinful proposal of building a caller stadium.

Unfortunately, though nan NFL has been bold capable to let nan Super Bowl to beryllium played successful a cold, outdoor ambiance previously, nan Green Bay area is almost guaranteed to not get its changeable to big nan large game. That is, unless a new, domed stadium were to ever beryllium built, but pinch monolithic renovations connected Lambeau Field’s jumbotron this offseason, that feels highly unlikely.

New York successful February is 1 thing, Northern Wisconsin is simply a completely different thing.

So, while Titletown and nan Packers won’t get to really big a convention title game, they are getting what immoderate would reason is nan adjacent champion thing: The NFL Draft.

2025 NFL Draft will beryllium hosted by Green Bay Packers

The NFL announced connected Monday that Green Bay, Lambeau Field, and nan Titletown territory will beryllium nan big tract of nan 2025 NFL Draft. Green Bay has ne'er hosted nan draft, and now joins a database of 12 different cities that person hosted nan draft.

It’s not nan first clip nan draught has stepped ft successful Wisconsin, though, nan 1940 NFL Draft was held successful Milwaukee. This will beryllium nan first clip nan arena arsenic we cognize it coming — wrong nan Super Bowl era and televised — will hap successful nan state, though.

With Lambeau Field and nan Packers known arsenic a bequest franchise pinch plentifulness of history down it, it should beryllium a spectacular metropolis that brings a unsocial vibe to nan event, arsenic has been nan extremity of nan NFL’s touring circus style of nan festivities complete nan past respective years.

While different destinations person been much traditionally touristy destinations for illustration Las Vegas and Nashville, there’s plentifulness of bully worldly for fans to bask successful nan region.

Crack unfastened nan Spotted Cows and get immoderate food curds, nan NFL Draft is connected its measurement successful a fewer years!

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