Grupo Marca Registrada Makes ‘Magic’ With First Top 10 on Top Latin Albums Chart

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Don't Stop nan Magic besides starts astatine No. 4 connected Regional Mexican Albums.

Grupo Marca Registrada

Grupo Marca Registrada Courtesy of RB Music

Grupo Marca Registrada nabs its first introduction and apical 10 connected Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart, arsenic Don’t Stop nan Magic debuts astatine No. 9 connected nan May 27-dated ranking. The group is conscionable nan 2nd enactment to commencement successful nan apical 10 successful its first sojourn pinch a location Mexican medium successful 2023, aft Yng Lvcas’ LPM (La Perreo Mixtape) bowed astatine No. 8 connected nan database dated April 8.

The full-length dropped May 12 via RB/Interscope, nan quartet’s first medium merchandise aft nan location Mexican indie explanation RB Music, location to Grupo Marca Registrada, teamed up pinch Interscope past October. The apical 10 presence concurrently gifts RB Music its first Top Latin Albums quality and its first apical 10 there. Interscope, meanwhile, returns to nan ranking’s precocious region pursuing nan No. 1 debut of Selena Gomez’s Revelación EP successful March 2021.

Don’t Stop nan Magic starts pinch 8,000 balanced medium units earned successful nan U.S. successful nan week ending May 18, according to Luminate. Streaming powers astir of nan set’s debut. That sum equates to 13.1 cardinal charismatic on-demand streams of nan album’s songs.

On nan multimetric Top Latin Albums floor plan arsenic measured successful balanced medium units, each portion equals 1 medium sale, aliases 10 individual tracks sold from an album, aliases 3,750 ad-supported aliases 1,250 paid/subscription on-demand charismatic audio and video streams generated by songs from an album.

As mentioned, Grupo Marca Registrada captures its first apical 10 connected immoderate albums chart. Plus, Magic besides arrives astatine No. 4 connected Regional Mexican Albums, likewise securing nan Sinaloans a first apical 10 connected their maiden floor plan sojourn there.

Magic includes a bevy of location Mexican artists, including nan business pinch Grupo Frontera, “Di Que Sí,” which conceded Registrada a first apical 10 connected Latin Airplay – presently connected its 2nd week astatine its No. 3 high. With nan medium cut, nan group besides secured a first No. 1 connected Regional Mexican Airplay connected nan April 29-dated list, starring for 3 consecutive weeks.

Further, Registrada makes its Billboard 200 debut, pinch Magic’s commencement astatine No. 187.

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