Guess Who These Swimming Sisters Turned Into!

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Guess Who These Swimming Sisters Turned Into!

5/23/2023 12:01 AM PT

Before these 2 celebrated sisters were bringing each nan play to reality television, they were conscionable 2 siblings having a splash-tastic clip astatine nan pool, driving themselves to nan studios arsenic kid stars, and increasing up successful Beverly Hills, California.

Starting their acting careers arsenic youngin's.. you'd astir apt admit nan brunette sister from "Halloween" aliases "Little House On A Prairie" and nan blonde sister from "Escape To Witch Mountain." And though these 2 person gone astatine it connected "The Housewives", there's nary denying their sisterly love!

Need 1 much clue? The infamous limo conflict circa 2010!

Can you conjecture who they are?

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