Guess Who This Smiling Kid Turned Into!

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Guess Who This Smiling Kid Turned Into!

5/25/2023 12:01 AM PT

Before this blonde-haired fella successful his striped tee turned into a large Hollywood movie star, he was conscionable spending clip outdoors while going connected camping trips pinch his fam, hanging astatine nan beach, and increasing up successful Sydney, Australia.

"The Greatest Showman" you're looking astatine is rather a talented musician ... you whitethorn person heard him singing alongside Anne Hatheway in "Les Misérables" backmost successful 2012. And beware of his shredded physique ... he's rather nan wolverine pinch immoderate crisp adamantium claws!

Need 1 much hint? He's conscionable 1 Oscar distant from being an EGOT recipient!

Can you conjecture who he is?

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