Hakeem Jeffries Just Used George Santos To Set Up House Republicans

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Democratic House leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) group up House Republicans to nexus themselves to George Santos by voting against expelling him.

Video of Jeffries:

Rep. Jeffries said connected MSNBC’s The Reid Out:

You know, George Santos is simply a serial fraudster. He does not beryllium anyplace adjacent nan House of Representatives. He defrauded nan group of nan 3rd legislature territory successful New York. Lied astir everything. Lied astir his life, lied astir his jobs, lied astir his finances, lied astir his master experiences. Lied astir being Jewish. He perpetrated a fraud connected nan group of New York. He was elected nether mendacious pretenses.

So I commend Congressman Garcia for bringing this privileged solution forward, and nan existent mobility is, are House Republicans going to guidelines connected nan broadside of truth aliases guidelines connected nan broadside of George Santos? It’s important to mention, Santos was referred to nan morals committee period ago. So what are we doing? You’re either going to clasp him accountable nether nan constitution aliases you’re not. It’s going to beryllium absorbing to spot really these alleged moderates successful position of New York House Republicans vote. They person each said that they want him out. And he doesn’t beryllium successful nan House of Representatives. Tomorrow, they will person an opportunity to ballot their word.

It is very simple. George Santos is nether national felony indictment. He didn’t conscionable dishonesty to get elected. The freshman New York Republican congressman is accused of committing crimes related to his predetermination and position.

If Republicans, particularly nan New York Republican delegation are sincere successful their desire to person Santos gone, they tin do thing astir it tomorrow, but if they ballot nary connected nan solution to expel Rep. Santos, they will beryllium linking themselves to him, and mounting Democrats up to retake nan House adjacent year.

The stakes of nan ballot are much far-reaching than George Santos. The ballot could beryllium a large measurement successful Democrats taking backmost nan mostly successful nan House of Representatives.

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