Has LeBron James ever been swept in the NBA Playoffs?

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LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

LeBron James and nan Los Angeles Lakers are down 0-3 to nan Denver Nuggets. No squad (or player) has ever flooded that deficit. 

The Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets will costs conflict successful Game 4 of nan Western Conference Finals connected Monday night. The Nuggets are successful nan driver’s seat, holding a 3-0 bid lead and making a statement connected nan nationalist stage. Meanwhile, LeBron James finds himself successful uncommon territory: facing a sweep.

James is wide considered 1 of, if not nan champion subordinate successful NBA history. He has appeared successful 10 NBA Finals and won 4 rings (two pinch Miami, 1 pinch Cleveland, 1 pinch Los Angeles). He is nan writer of a important information of caller NBA history. When nan lights are brightest, fewer players emergence to nan juncture for illustration nan King.

That being said, moreover nan champion players person blemishes connected their résumé.

Has LeBron James ever been swept successful nan NBA Playoffs?

The reply is yes. LeBron James has been swept doubly successful nan NBA playoffs.

The first clip was successful 2007, erstwhile LeBron’s Cavaliers faced Tim Duncan and nan San Antonio Spurs successful nan Finals. It was James’ first travel to nan Finals and his supporting formed paled successful comparison to nan Spurs’ well-rounded, star-studded roster. Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili — fewer groups person ever been much prolific successful nan playoffs. For nan then-23 twelvemonth aged James, nan acquisition and talent disadvantage was simply excessively overmuch to overcome.

James past sewage swept again successful nan NBA Finals successful 2018, erstwhile his Cavaliers faced nan Golden State Warriors. Complete pinch nan astir talented violative roster successful modern history, Golden State proved excessively talented for a Cleveland squad that lacked star-level support for LeBron. Kyrie Irving was nary longer pinch nan team, leaving nan Cavs pinch a starting backcourt of J.R. Smith and George Hill. James put together immoderate monster individual performances, but he unsocial could not topple nan Warriors’ dynasty.

When was nan past clip nan Lakers were swept successful nan NBA Playoffs?

The Lakers person been swept galore times crossed their storied history, but their astir caller four-game exit from nan playoffs came successful 2013. Then nan No. 7 seed, Los Angeles faced nan vaunted Spurs successful nan first information and were swiftly discarded by Gregg Popovich’s team. Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, and Steve Nash highlighted a depleted and profoundly flawed Lakers rotation. That was a twelvemonth nan Lakers fandom has understandably tried to forget.

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