Have the Florida Panthers ever won the Stanley Cup?

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Apr 30, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Florida Panthers near helping Matthew Tkachuk (19) anterior to a look disconnected during nan 2nd play successful crippled 7 of nan first information of nan 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs against nan Boston Bruins astatine TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Panthers dream to make nan Stanley Cup finals for conscionable nan 2nd clip successful their franchise’s history.

The Florida Panthers are 1 of 12 NHL teams that person ne'er won nan Stanley Cup.

The Panthers person been astir since 1993. Over nan span of 30 years, nan franchise has struggled to find occurrence successful nan Stanley Cup Playoffs. They reached nan finals erstwhile successful 1996 and past didn’t triumph different playoff bid until 2022. The Panthers missed nan playoffs for a agelong long of clip from 2001 to 2011.

After failing to suffice for nan playoffs from 2017 to 2019, nan Panthers person made consecutive appearances successful nan playoffs since 2020. They won their first information bid against nan Washington Capitals successful 2022. As nan eighth seed, nan Panthers person turned a batch of heads pinch their 2023 playoff run.

Florida Panthers plow a way to nan finals

Playoffs are unpredictable and each astir getting basking astatine nan correct moment. As a chaotic paper team, nan Panthers took down nan mighty 65-win Boston Bruins successful a singular first information matchup. They were down 3-1 successful nan bid and won 3 consecutive games to destruct nan Presidents’ Trophy winners.

In nan Conference Semifinals, nan Panthers clawed their measurement past nan Toronto Maple Leafs. Standouts for Florida during nan playoffs are winger Matthew Tkachuk, skipper Aleksander Barkov, and goalie Sergei Bobrovsky.

The Panthers are up 3-0 successful nan Eastern Conference Final against nan Carolina Hurricanes. The first 2 games of nan bid went into overtime. Tkachuk scored nan crippled victor for nan Panthers some times, nan first 1 successful quadruple overtime and nan 2nd 1 2 minutes into OT. In Game 3, nan Panthers unopen retired nan Canes 1-0. The Canes person played hard, but nan Panthers person conscionable looked for illustration nan amended team.

There’s a batch much lucky near to play, but nan Panthers person passed each nan tests truthful acold successful nan playoffs. They’re inching person to nan last bid that has evaded them since 1996.

If nan Panthers destruct nan Canes, they will look either nan Vegas Golden Knights aliases nan Dallas Stars. The Golden Knights are presently up 2-0 successful their bid pinch nan Stars. Like nan Panthers, nan Knights person not won a Stanley Cup before, but their squad was only founded successful 2017. The Canes and nan Stars person each won nan Cup once.

The Florida Panthers person ne'er won nan Stanley Cup. Could this beryllium nan year?

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