Here’s Why Lupita Nyong’o Is ‘Not Surprised’ About Janelle Monae Dating Rumors

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"People are funny astir enigmatic people," nan Academy Award-winning character said of her longtime friend.

Lupita Nyong'o and Janelle Monae

Lupita Nyong'o and Janelle Monae be Fem The Future Brunch sponsored by Toyota connected August 27, 2016 successful New York City. Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

No, Lupita Nyong’o isn’t dating Janelle Monáe, but she’s “not surprised” that she’s been linked to nan “Lipstick Lover” singer.

“She has magnetism that they were evidently picking up on,” nan Black Panther: Wakanda Forever character told Rolling Stone astir Monáe, who identifies arsenic nonbinary. “She is that enigmatic. People are funny astir enigmatic people.”

Nyong’o and Monáe initially met astatine nan 2014 Met Gala, and their contiguous closeness ended up sparking making love rumors. “I don’t mind being associated pinch her successful immoderate capacity,” nan character said. “It’s built into her spirit. Her openness creates intimacy onscreen. It’s really cool to spot her move from 1 point to different and do it pinch specified mastery.”



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While Nyong’o isn’t successful a romanticist narration pinch Monáe, she has been making love tv big Selema Masekela for immoderate time, and nan duo made their narration Instagram charismatic successful December 2022. In the post, the 2 stock various coordinating outfits pinch nan saccharine caption, “We conscionable click!”

Monáe, meanwhile, is gearing up to merchandise her long-awaited album, The Age of Pleasure, retired June 9 via Wondaland Arts Society / Atlantic Records. The merchandise will beryllium her first workplace medium since 2018’s Grammy-nominated Dirty Computer.

The prima besides opened up to Rolling Stone astir shedding expectations of being a queer icon. “I’m not obligated to stock my story,” nan prima said for nan screen communicative of nan June 2023 issue. “Nobody’s obligated. But I do deliberation it’s powerful for maine to talk and springiness a sanction to immoderate of these things.”

“You cannot task onto artists. You person to understand that experiences will beryllium had and group will alteration and germinate and not beryllium nan personification you look up to,” she added elsewhere successful nan interview. “As overmuch arsenic you emotion and attraction astir me, I’m connected my ain travel that has thing to do pinch music, has thing to do pinch art.”

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