How Adriel Favela Turned Rebellious Corridos Into Introspective Mariachi on ‘Solo Muere Si Se Olvida’

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The location Mexican vocalist breaks down each way connected his caller EP pinch Billboard Español.

Adriel Favela

Adriel Favela Courtesy of Fonovisa Records

On Sólo Muere Si Se Olvida — which loosely translates to “only dormant if forgotten” — Adriel Favela steps distant from his signature corridos that person been his halfway sound for a decade.



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The Mexican singer, known for his apical 10 hits connected Billboard’s Latin Airplay and Regional Mexican Airplay charts specified arsenic “Tomen Nota” and “Con un Botecito a Pecho,” astir precocious released nan six-track EP via Fonovisa/Universal.

Recorded astatine nan Sonic Ranch studios successful Tornillo, Texas, Favela collaborates pinch artists specified arsenic Kiko Cibrián, who is successful complaint of vocally directing nan vocalist successful his debut pinch rancheras, and Favela’s starring producer, Daniel Valenzuela. It besides includes nan EP’s first azygous “En Este Amor” and nan saccharine title way “Sólo Muere Si Se Olvida,” featuring romanticist popular vocalist Kurt.

“This task has been astir letting maine flow, it has thing to do pinch philharmonic trends,” says Favela. “Right now I’m not successful a convulsive activity of corridos. I’m nary longer surviving arsenic before, it’s a individual maturation and I judge that it is valid to unrecorded successful both”.

The 30-year-old musician precocious said pinch Billboard Español astir his caller set, which besides see songs “Buscando el Olvido,” “Niña Bonita,” “Mi Condena” and “Amor Real”.

Below, Favela breaks down each of nan tracks connected his caller EP successful nan bid successful which they appear:

“En Este Amor”

A “very significant” ranchera ballad, according to Favela, because it represents his “debut” pinch mariachi. “In this love, things were unbalanced/ For my part, I gave up what I didn’t have/ On nan different hand, you gave nothing/ In this love, it’s my move to beryllium nan 1 to hide you,” he sings.

“Buscando el Olvido”

The cleanable operation of state euphony and mariachi, this opus is nan “most fun” 1 connected nan album, according to Favela. “It takes excessively overmuch to erase nan memories / For lovesickness location is nary different remedy / Drunk, I don’t deliberation astir her kisses / I hide really overmuch I emotion her,” he sings.

“Niña Bonita

A emotion ballad pinch a euphony video was filmed successful Paris. “It was very typical for maine to beryllium location and spot my mariachi wearing charro suits distant from Mexico,” he says excitedly.

“Mi Condena”

A heartbreak way successful which he was accompanied by Ismael de la Rosa and Yerai Cortés, who springiness mariachi a twist pinch their powerful flamenco performance.

“Amor Real”

Another beautiful ranchera ballad of heartbreak created retired of “the individual request to nonstop a affirmative connection successful these times”, says Favela. “I wanted to return my fans and those who person joined maine to nan depths of my heart.”

“Sólo Muere Si Se Olvida”

Dedicated to his precocious grandmother, nan opus is astir really “we want to transcend [and] really we want to beryllium remembered”, he explains. Adding that signaling it pinch Kurt was a “very special” experience. “I person ever been honorable pinch what I singing and live,” concludes nan artist. “Today I’m enjoying life successful a wholly different way.”

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