I Walked 5 Miles In These Comfy Slip-Ons The First Time I Wore Them

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Braelyn Wood
Braelyn Wood

mbg Deputy Commerce Editor

By Braelyn Wood

mbg Deputy Commerce Editor

Braelyn Wood is nan Deputy Commerce Editor astatine mindbodygreen. She has a B.S. successful publicity from Northwestern University, on pinch a certificate successful marketing.

Cariuma IBI Slip-On Sneakers held successful hacks pinch flowers and achromatic background

Image by Braelyn Wood / mbg creative

May 27, 2023

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Every outpouring my footwear goes done nan yearly changing of nan guards. I switch chunky boots for comfy achromatic sneakers, preparing for nan lukewarm summertime days ahead. But this twelvemonth I decided to forgo basal achromatic sneakers for nan Cariuma’s IBI Slip-Ons—and my feet person ne'er been happier. 

The sustainable sneaker marque first popped onto my radar a fewer years ago, and I’ve been a loyal instrumentality of the Salvas style ever since. But I was craving a caller look this summer, and I secretly hoped to find a style that was a small easier to put connected than sneakers. Sometimes I conscionable want to gaffe retired nan doorway without nan hassle of tying up laces.


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The IBI Slip-Ons were my cleanable solution. Designed pinch nan aforesaid breathable materials arsenic nan original IBI sneaker, nan vegan style ditches laces successful favour of a pull-on creation that slips connected and disconnected successful a matter of seconds. And my favourite part? You don't person to discuss connected comfortableness for this convenience.

Why I emotion nan Cariuma IBI Slip-Ons

When nan slip-ons first showed up astatine my doorway astir a period ago, I was initially thrilled by nan easiness of nan slip-on style. I had been searching for a portion of comfy kicks that I could deterioration for my nan "just astir nan corner" errands, for illustration trips to nan market store, earthy vino shop, aliases laundromat. I was sick of shuffling astir successful my unsupportive sandals and ace excited by nan alternative.

But I quickly realized nan shoes weren't conscionable convenient, they were incredibly comfortable. In fact, I walked 5 miles nan very first clip I wore nan slip-ons retired of my apartment.

It wasn’t intentional. A long-distance friend was calling to drawback up, and I wanted to multi-task pinch my regular movement. (After all, it’s a proven workout for longevity.) Normally, I’d lace up my running shoes, but I wanted to put my caller shoes to nan test. 

I afloat expected to get blisters aliases to observe that nan stretchy precocious worldly had excessively overmuch give, allowing my ft to gaffe and descent around. Instead my feet felt perfectly supported for each 11,231 steps, pinch not a azygous blister successful sight.

Since that first fateful time pinch my IBI Slip-Ons, I’ve retired my Salvas. The IBIs are officially go-to shoes for speedy trips retired of nan house, including walks to nan canine parkland and treks to nan Pilates studio. I besides highly urge for basking yoga; they're thing incredibly freeing astir not shoving your sweaty feet backmost into socks.

Cariuma IBI Slip-On

How nan Cariuma IBI Slip-Ons are made

If you’ve ever worn a slip-on sneaker before, you’d cognize they’re not ever comfortable. My early 20s were dedicated to Vans, until I was forced to springiness up nan style for deficiency of arch support. These Slip-Ons defy nan odds.

The style has Cariuma’s signature vegan insole, which is made pinch a operation of representation foam, cork, and momona oil. The creation is not only sustainable but highly lightweight—so you get support without other added weight and width. Plus, nan insole is wholly removable for those who for illustration civilization orthotics.

My favourite portion of nan slip-on is nan bamboo knit upper. The eco-friendly worldly hugs nan ft conscionable right, dissimilar astir slip-ons that consciousness for illustration a boa constrictor is attacking your foot. It keeps nan sneakers emotion almost airless (sans nan chunky sole adding support and stability).

I besides emotion that nan knit worldly is ace breathable. As a self-proclaimed dense sweater, I conscionable cognize my feet are going to admit nan gentle breeze successful these kicks connected nan basking summertime days ahead. (And if I’m being honest, I’m besides going to emotion that nan slip-ons are instrumentality washable connected these aforesaid basking sweaty days.)

Cariuma IBI slip-ons against wall held by hands

Image by Braelyn Wood/ mbg creative


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The takeaway

I’ve officially ditched my achromatic sneakers this summertime for a brace of Cariuma’s IBI Slip-Ons, and I deliberation much group should beryllium doing it. The sustainable shoes harvester comfort, support, and convenience into a azygous style that’s machine-washable and trendy capable to brace pinch motorcycle shorts, linen pants, aliases activewear dresses. Snag your brace now and works 2 trees—your feet will convey you.

Cariuma IBI Slip-On

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