Ice Spice Calls Taylor Swift the ‘Sweetest Person Ever’ After ‘Karma’ Remix News

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Ice Spice has a awesome instrumentality successful Taylor Swift — truthful overmuch truthful that nan 2 women are officially collaborators.

On Wednesday (May 24), Swift group nan Internet ablaze erstwhile she announced that she would beryllium dropping a typical remix of her Midnights way “Karma.” In nan announcement, nan popular prima besides shared respective benignant words astir Ice. “Um. SO overmuch to show you. I’m a monolithic instrumentality of this superb creator and aft getting to cognize her I tin confirm: she is THE ONE to watch,” Swift wrote successful nan announcement, which featured nan caller screen creation for “Karma” featuring Ice. “So delighted to opportunity that Karma Featuring nan unthinkable @icespicee_ will beryllium retired TOMORROW nighttime astatine MIDNIGHT ET arsenic a portion of nan caller Midnights (Til Dawn Edition) deluxe album.”

Following Swift’s announcement — which besides revealed that a caller trim of her Lana Del Rey collaboration “Snow connected nan Beach” is connected nan measurement excessively — nan 23-year-old Bronx autochthonal took to Twitter and replied, “sweetest personification ever convey u sm i emotion yuuuu” pinch purple bosom and manus bosom emojis.

The caller Swift collaboration is 1 of galore caller wins: Billboard crowned Ice nan caller Princess of Rap successful a May 11 screen story. A fewer short days after, Lady Gaga danced to Ice and Nicki Minaj’s “Princes Diana” remix while trying connected Haus Labs lipstick shades and captioned nan post, “These NEUTRALS are HOT LIKE THIS RECORD.” Minaj couldn’t incorporate her excitement astatine nan shout-out, reposting Gaga’s TikTok to her Instagram Story pinch “GAGGGG!!!!!!” successful each caps.

See Ice Spice and Swift’s tweet below.

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