iOS 17 Could Turn the iPhone Lock Screen Into a Smart Home Display

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It turns retired Apple’s adjacent large iOS update whitethorn move nan telephone into thing of a competitor for Google’s Pixel Tablet. The adjacent iOS update, which is expected to debut astatine WWDC successful June, could toggle shape nan iPhone fastener screen, letting it enactment much for illustration a smart location show to show users nan weather, notifications, almanac appointments, and perchance much unrecorded info.

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While we’ve heard hints of immoderate fastener surface changes before, according to Bloomberg’s Apple aficionado Mark Gurman, this position will look for users who position their phones horizontally and is meant to stock this information for easy entree erstwhile lying connected a array aliases nightstand. The report, which cites respective anonymous sources acquainted pinch nan project, notes that iOS—codenamed “Dawn”—could fundamentally cement more communal widgets introduced pinch iOS 16 connected nan fastener screen.

The characteristic is akin to immoderate existing features connected Android (though hopefully pinch little ads) and connected Amazon-brand tablets. The iPhone 14 was Apple’s first clip utilizing an always-on display, which greatly immunodeficiency features for illustration these.

The constituent is to springiness iPhone users different smart location instrumentality erstwhile they’re not actively tapping distant connected their devices. This is accordant pinch everything other nan institution is moving connected pinch smart location tech, moreover though its latest HomePod smart speaker wasn’t each it was cracked up to be. According to Gurman, Apple is moving connected a “low-cost” magnetically mountable tablet that tin enactment arsenic a smart location display. There’s besides connection nan Cupertino, California-based institution is moving to update SharePlay to make it easier to beam contented to devices they don’t own.

In summation to nan fastener surface upgrade, iOS 17 could spot enhanced location services for nan Wallet app and much changes besides. Apple’s new savings relationship has proved highly successful and, much importantly, lucrative, truthful immoderate caller additions could incentivize much of its banking services. In addition, Dawn could adhd a caller journaling app for statement taking. This is successful summation to antecedently speculated-on Apple wellness coaching and temper search services.

There’s a fewer much package changes successful shop for iPads arsenic well. Apple’s tablets could spot a caller interface for holding nan instrumentality horizontally, though it seems everything’s going overmuch slower connected nan iPad broadside of things compared to Apple’s phones. The Cupertino institution is bringing nan Health app to iPads, though that’s been successful nan rumor heap for a while now. As acold arsenic things go, it seems for illustration iPad OS 17 is getting near retired of nan fastener surface widgets craze, astatine slightest for now.

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