Is the New Transformers Movie Actually Good?

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After years of being brutalized by godawful Transformers movies, audiences are seemingly not yet fresh for nan thought of a bully one. That overmuch was evident backmost successful 2018 erstwhile Paramount released Bumblebee, a lean, mean, heartfelt version of a Transformers movie that exceeded captious expectations, but underwhelmed astatine nan container office. So moreover though Bumblebee, nan past Transformers movie, was really good, it’s unclear if audiences are yet fresh to judge specified a thing.

Spoilers of nan Week: July 1st

The caller film, Transformers: Rise of nan Beasts, hits theaters June 9 and brings pinch it akin expectations. Could this movie, which is group aft Bumblebee but earlier nan original Michael Bay films, really work? The 1 pinch nan Maximals from Beast Wars? The 1 pinch Unicron from the 1986 animated film? Well, according to societal media reactions aft immoderate of its first screenings, nan reply seems to beryllium “Yes.”

Here are a postulation of reactions, opening pinch mine.

As you tin see, fundamentally everyone had nosy pinch nan movie. And that’s nan main point here. “Good” and “Transformers movie” person to beryllium joined astatine immoderate point. Transformers: Rise of nan Beasts isn’t going to beryllium nominated for Best Picture for illustration past year’s mega-blockbusters Top Gun Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water. Those are really “good” movies. Transformers: Rise of nan Beasts isn’t that—but, it’s a “good Transformers movie.”

A movie that useful astatine what it sets retired to do—showing you elephantine robots blowing crap up for 2 hours—and hopes that you’re invested successful it acknowledgment to nan humans who are experiencing nan communicative on pinch you. And each that it does very well.

But no, I won’t show you what happened astatine nan extremity of nan movie that made maine almost jump retired of my seat.

Directed by Steven Caple Jr., Transformers: Rise of nan Beasts stars Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback. It opens June 16.

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