J-Hope Shares Military Update With New Uniform Photos

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The BTS prima enlisted for his mandatory subject work successful April.


J-Hope Courtesy of BIGHIT

J-Hope gave fans a nosy subject update connected Tuesday nighttime (May 23) erstwhile he took to his Instagram Stories to stock a photograph of himself successful his uniform.

In nan photo, nan 29-year-old BTS star is seen giving a soft grin arsenic he salutes nan camera. See nan photograph earlier it disappears here.

Over connected Weverse, J-Hope stock 2 much photos and a connection for fans, according to Soompi. “ARMYs!! I’ve completed [the basal training] well. The letters and support you sent maine person been a awesome thief and acknowledgment to that I was capable to do my champion during training,” he wrote. “I will do my champion for nan remainder of my subject work play arsenic good and show you nan bully sides of me! I emotion you!! Cellphone is fascinating… Hahaha.”

J-Hope’s entranceway into nan subject connected April 18 makes him nan 2nd BTS personnel to fulfill nan 18-month South Korean mandatory subject work aft Jin, who started his request past year. The remaining BTS members will besides beryllium required to complete their work complete nan adjacent mates of years. 


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

In a video shared to the K-pop group’s BANGTANTV past month, Suga, RM, Jung Kook, Jimin and V each arrived astatine nan drop-off location to nonstop disconnected nan rapper. After taking respective pictures pinch his chap BTS members, J-Hope gave BTS ARMY 1 last message: “Yes, ARMY, I’m disconnected now. I’m fulfilling my work arsenic an able-bodied Korean man. I’ll beryllium judge to make a safe return and beryllium amended than ever and shake hands you then. Fighting! I emotion you.”

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