J-Hope & Suga’s Solo Documentaries Are Coming to Theaters: Watch the Trailer

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The films were initially released done Disney+ earlier this year.

With BTS‘ 10-year day astir nan corner, fans will get to spot 2 of its members connected nan large surface successful June. The K-pop group shared an charismatic trailer connected Wednesday (May 24) announcing that J-Hope and Suga‘s solo documentaries — J-Hope successful nan Box and Suga: Road to D-Day — will beryllium getting theatrical releases.

The trailer shows snippets from some of nan BTS rappers’ documentaries and sheds ray connected immoderate of nan highs and lows that they’ve encountered while embarking connected their solo euphony journey.

In nan trailer, Suga reflects connected turning 30, and astatine 1 point, get truthful disappointment pinch his task that he vows to discontinue music. J-Hope, meanwhile, struggles pinch remembering nan choreography to immoderate of his songs successful nan lead up to his history-making capacity astatine Lollapalooza past year.

J-Hope successful nan Box and Suga: Road to D-Day were some primitively released done Disney+, pinch nan erstwhile arriving connected nan level connected Feb. 17, and nan second arriving connected April 5.

The documentaries deed theaters pursuing BTS’ 10th day arsenic a group connected June 13. The films will beryllium get a constricted theatrical merchandise Jun. 17-18. (Fans tin find a theatre adjacent them and acquisition tickets here).

Watch nan trailer for nan BTS solo documentaries above.

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