Jack Dorsey Promotes Hardcore Anti-Vaxxer Candidate on Social Media

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Co-founder of Twitter and caput of Block Jack Dorsey doesn’t person a awesome way grounds promoting group into positions of powerfulness recently. His bully friend Elon Musk has taken his bluish vertebrate app down a rabbit hole wherever it mightiness ne'er escape. Now, nan erstwhile Twitter exec is actively promoting awesome anti-vaxxer, anti-science, and anti-reality governmental campaigner Robert Kennedy Jr. to his assemblage connected respective societal platforms, perchance boosting nan maligned conspiracist.

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Dorsey is highly progressive connected nan Twitter-like Nostr, overmuch much than he is connected Twitter aliases moreover his favored Bluesky platform. Dorsey has posted aggregate times astir things related to erstwhile president John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. On Wednesday, he posted a image of JFK on pinch nan words “Splinter nan CIA, NSA, and FBI into a 1000 pieces and scatter them into nan winds.” There are plentifulness of conspiracy theories surrounding the FBI and JFK’s assassination, and Dorsey seems to beryllium implying that to immoderate grade he believes successful immoderate of those expected “deep state” authorities plots.

On Tuesday, Dorsey posted different video podcast to Nostr showcasing RJK Jr. backmost successful 2020. In it, he discusses galore conspiracy theories astir his begetter alongside erstwhile boxing champion Mike Tyson. Dorsey besides posted this podcast successful a Bluesky station earlier this month, according to a study from NBC News.

RFK Jr. announced successful April he is moving for nan Democratic information for President. Of course, he’s not good loved by nan governmental establishment, particularly since past twelvemonth erstwhile he whined that anti-vaxxers person it worse than Anne Frank and different group who were slaughtered by Nazi Germany during nan Holocaust (Kennedy later apologized for his remarks). Yet Kennedy is each complete Dorsey’s caller online activity. Last week nan Block CEO shared a glowing question and reply pinch nan anti-vaxxer who claimed “I tin hit Trump” and tried to connote he was “anti-establishment” while his worldview was akin to his father’s.

In different station from this past weekend, Dorsey shared different video from Bitcoin Magazine touting that “RFK Jr. is simply a bitcoiner” since nan campaigner announced he was accepting run donations successful nan highly volatile cryptocurrency. Dorsey himself is simply a well-known promoter of bitcoin.

Dorsey has not posted immoderate definitive endorsement of RFK Jr. successful immoderate of his societal posts, but nan assortment of shares to some Nostr and Bluesky each look to overgarment nan campaigner successful a affirmative light. The Block CEO has antecedently financially backed Democratic candidates successful nan past for illustration U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, but Dorsey has unusual predilections for which governmental broadside he mostly supports. The erstwhile Twitter exec had erstwhile tried to make his platforms tread a good governmental line, specified arsenic erstwhile he blocked each governmental ads backmost successful 2019. Since then, he’s go overmuch much connected nan “decentralized” train, and said he regretted creating Twitter’s moderation devices altogether.

RFK JR. has besides promoted conspiracies astir nan decease of his begetter and uncle. The anti-vaxxer has been booted disconnected astir societal media platforms for spreading vaccine conspiracies and misinformation astir covid. The places wherever Kennedy is still much progressive is connected far-right platforms for illustration Gettr and Gab.

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